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Why I Started Blogging Again

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 When I was a teenager and young adult my life revolved around Live Journal – I belonged to communities, hosted communities, posted regularly, and had a rather impressive gathering of followers. However, in my mid-twenties I realised I didn’t want my life exposed in the way I had grown accustomed to, my flaws and the inconsistencies any young person experiences beneath a bright sotlight, as I realised the how world (well, some of the world) was watching me grow up, watching my mistakes, and more often than not commenting on them.

And so, I deleted my journal.

Years later I started sharing the weird and wacky stories of my life and so began blogging using Blogger. This time though I had two blogs, one for my comics and writing and general observations of life, and the other focused solely on my cooking. Neither of these blogs gained a following, but I was ok with that. They first was more for me, than for anyone else, and the cooking blog simply made it easier for me to share with friends and family my recipes.

The former only lasted a few years and ended alongside a very unhealthy lifestyle choice, whereas the cooking blog only recently came to an end earlier this year as I realised it wasn’t who I was any more. I didn’t feel like it captured my new life here in Glasgow, and so I simply left it alone.

However, now that I am settled in Glasgow, I have decided to take up the blogging mantle once more.

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Not only will this blog be home to my new recipes (and old recipes cannibalised from my old blog), but also my musing on living in a foreign country, cultural integrating, DIY and life hacks, what I buy, what I am currently obsessing over, etc etc.

There are so many things in life that I am in love with, that I get excited about, I figured a new blog to share with my friends and family, and whoever else finds these pages, will be far better than me having an Excitement Explosion every time I find something new and pretty.

In addition to the above, I think it’ll also be a healthy way to discuss my anxiety, depression, and OCD as I think the more open, honest and more importantly positive experiences with mental illness that are discussed and explored online, the more the stigma that currently surrounds it will begin to fade. After all, mental illness is a variety of chemical imbalances that is a reality – it is not make believe, it is not people being victims. It is very real, and we all know someone with mental illness, whether they talk about it openly, or keep it to themselves.

I want to talk about mine, and that is why this blog will be different to my others – food, fashion, wine, opinion, and the health of both our bodies and our mind, speaking with the voice of maturity and experience I never had in my other blogs.





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