6 Skin Care Hacks for Lush Skin this Winter

6 Skin Care Hacks for Lush Skin this Winter

Winter is my favourite time of year. I grew up in Sydney, Australia so have spent most of my life in mild to hot hot HOT! weather. When I relocated to the UK (age 31 back in 2015) I had developed a pretty solid winter skin care routine suited to the Australian climate, using products I still swear by today if you live in Australia. Honestly, us Aussies are all over our skincare routines and thoroughly believe in healthy and hydrated skin all year around. Those tans you see? Fake. Because we love the skin we’re in! But British winter skin care? Hmm...

Here in the UK, and more specifically Scotland, we get some bloody cold winters (shall I dare even mention the Winter of 2010?) and so what suited my skin perfectly in Australia, doesn’t quite meet the demands of British Winter Skin.

On a daily basis throughout winter I am dealing with temperatures that hover around 0C as well as cold winds, winter sun, and bitterly cold rain. Don’t get me wrong, I still love winter (and all the accessorising that comes with it) but I have had to learn to change and adapt my skin care to suit these harsher elements, and of course, I’ve learned a hack or two along the way - my winter skin care hacks!

I mean, what's the point in looking glam in our colourful coats, and cable knit scarves, if our skin is painfully sore from the elements, or looking dry and dull from a lack of moisture? It may be easy to think that winter is easy on our skin, but if there's one time to truly indulge in a little bit of skincare luxury - it's in winter!

Winter skin care hacks to help <a  href=keep your skin lush, lusciously healthy and hydrated throughout the colder months. winter skin care - Say good by to painful skin, and embrace youthful plum and healthy skin to prevent skin damage, aging and fine lines and wrinkles. These hacks, tips and tricks will have your skin looking and feeling better than ever. Via Pinterest @bryjaimea bryjaimea.com #winter #skincare #skin #coldweather #advice #hacks #tips #tricks #beautyblogger #blogger #beautyblog" class="wp-image-11041"/>

6 Winter Skin Care Hacks for Lush Skin

Hacks #1: Humidify Your Space!

Moisturiser isn’t the be all and end all when ensuring your skin is adequately hydrated. In winter we need to ensure our skin is thoroughly hydrated and this can be done using humidifiers. Heating our homes dries out the air, as well as our skin so reintroducing moisture to our home environment is essential. Use humidifiers throughout your home in winter to reintroduce moisture to the air, especially rooms with radiators or ducted heating. You can even buy USB humidiyfers for your desk!

Hack #2: Skip the Foundation

I know many people are scared to let their skin go naked at any time of the year, let alone in winter. However if you swap out foundation for a tinted moisturiser or Korean BB Cream you’ll have both coverage and a moisture boost, as these products offer benefits that far outweigh your usual foundation. My favourite BB Cream is by Skin79 (below) for winter, though the Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturiser is a close second (although just a tad too dark for me in winter).

Hack #3: Spitz it all over

When we think of skincare we often focus on our faces – but our entire bodies can suffer the effects of cold, dry weather. You’ll find plenty of moisturising and hydrating sprays and mists  now available and these can be used all over your face and body, and yes, even over makeup! These sprays are typically handy enough also to keep in your handbag throughout the day, so there’s really no excuse not to get spritzing! My personal favourite is by La Roche-Posay (link below) which I literally take with me everywhere I go.

Hack #4: Water Water Water!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times – beautiful and healthy skin starts from within! Just because you’re not overheated doesn’t mean you should be lowering your daily dose of Water. Hydrating your skin, and your body, from the inside out will always be the easiest way to keep dry skin and dehydration at bay – no matter what the season.

Hack #5: Keep it Cool

Although tempting to jump into a hot shower at the end of the day, the heat from this will cause your skin to dry out even further as it strips away your skins natural protective layer of oils. It may seem not seem like a fun idea, but turning down the temperature of your shower will help keep your skin in tip top shape throughout winter.

Hack #6: Moisturise!

Although this one seems obvious, this winter skin care hack is more about moisturising at the right times! It’s important to remember that damp or moist skin better absorbs lotions and potions than dry skin, and so moisturising fresh out of the shower (or after a facial misting) is key to healthy and hydrated skin. Also, a hydrating sleeping mask will help keep dry skin at bay as you sleep leaving you to awaken with a gorgeously plump, hydrated complexion.

Special Mention: Sun Protection

Seriously, I shouldn't even have to mention this one! Despite the fact it's winter it doesn't mean harmful UV rays are any less, well, harmful. Don't even think about skipping the SPF in winter! Just don't skip it!

There you go, my simple hacks to effortlessly lush skin in winter, sure to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and feeling amazing.

What are your best winter skin care tips and tricks for keeping your complexion silky smooth no matter how cold it gets?

xx Bry Jaimea

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