What I’m watching: August

What I’m watching: August

Ever heard the term “cinephile”?

Well, I ain’t one of those.

My attention span is literally 45 minutes max, so taking me to see a movie is all good and fine, (especially if I have popcorn, cause I love me some popcorn. In fact, I love popcorn so much I literally don’t have a microwave or I’d be living off of microwave popcorn. Anyway, I digress) but 45 minutes into that movie I’ll start checking my phone on the sly to see what the time is, rearranging my butt every few minutes, and so on and so forth.

Yeah, I’m annoying and I’m ok with that.

Typically, I’ll just watch a film at home once it’s been released outside the cinema from the comfort of my own sofa, but Ben is a cinephile and loves going to the movies every damned chance he gets.

Occasionally, I get dragged along, bribed with the promise of popcorn.

Mmmm…. Popcorn.


Anyway, I digress again (damn you popcorn!)

What I am though, is a tv-phile.

Give me 25-45 minute episodes and I can easily sit there for hours consuming entertainment in bite-sized pieces.

Binge-watching TV shows is my thing, and I have a long, ever-growing, list of tv shows I love to watch whilst curled up with Maia (or, occasionally Ben if I nag him sufficiently), in the luxury of my own home. I can pause them any ol’ time to cook, use the bathroom, or can watch them whilst I work out, or play with Maia.

To me, TV shows are better than movies – they allow for better story and character development and are quite simply, a lot more fun. So on the weekends, when I am winding down from the working week, I’ll be in front of the tv binge-watching my little heart out thanks to Netflix.

So, all of that aside, what have I been watching this month so far?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Holy damn you guys, if you aren’t watching this, why not? It’s clever, funny, and it has musical numbers in it. It has a simple premise – the main character is a massively flawed, selfish, neurotic character who, despite being an over-achiever and incredibly intelligent, just happens to also be impulsive and emotionally immature.

It’s an amazingly entertaining, sweet, and funny watch with an almost accurate portrayal of a self-destructive personality.



I love Sutton Foster. If you’ve never watched Bunheads, what are you doing with your life? Anyway, Sutton Foster is Liza Miller who is a 40 year old, pretending to be in her mid-20’s for reasons. This show is a great watch, not only for the bumbling antics of a Gen-Xer navigating the millennial world, but it has some great romantic sub-plots, amazing style, and more importantly, powerful female role-models.

Because seriously guys, Diana Trout’s wardrobe is everything #styleicon



Ok, firstly, I hate the term “Girlboss”. Last time I checked, you stop being a “girl” sometime during puberty at which point you become a woman. Women are strong, powerful, and inspiring. Girls wear pigtails.

GirlBoss is inspired (loosely) on Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography/motivational book of the same name. The main character, Sofia, in the series is incredibly unlikeable and at no point will you find yourself rooting for her. However, the supporting cast and characters more than make up for this. It is a bit heavy handed with the life lessons, and you can feel almost concussed by these, but it’s still a fun watch. For women. Not girls.

Wet Hot American Summer


(all of them)

This series is crazy. Like, insane levels of crazy to the point it’s laugh-out-loud funny. It all starts with the movie WHAS released in 2001, with several series with the same characters released since. It stars seemingly everyone from the current comedy world, from Amy Poehler to Paul Rudd. The premise of the show is Camp Firewood, a summer camp, and the adventures of the campers and their supervisors set in 1981. The movie, and then each series, are all played out over 12 hour period – the first day of camp, the last day of camp, etc.

Anyway, if you haven’t had a chance to watch this tv romp and happen to like absurdist comedy – this is for you.

So, what have you been watching this month? Any recommendations for my next month’s tv-binge?

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