What I’m watching: April Edition

What I’m watching: April Edition

Has anyone else noticed that although March seemed to fly by, April has been hella long? And, I’ve just realised it’s been a hella long time since I’ve done a “What I’m Watching…” so, what better time than now? Amiright, or amiright?

With the days getting longer and the weather finally getting warmer, I am watching just as much TV as ever because well, it’s what I do. There’s nothing more relaxing than coming home from a hard day at work, working on the blog for an hour or so, before switching off mentally and watching some damn good (or bad, I’m not fussy) tv.

Now, although it may seem like I do nothing whilst watching tv, I can assure you I am actively cuddling Maia, and drinking copious amount of green tea. When I lived in my old flat, I’d watch tv from my cross trainer, whilst attempting to work my bottom off quite literally.

Unfortunately, the cross trainer broke during the move, however, I’ve just bought a mini exercise bike which I’ll now be using whilst cuddling Maia, drinking copious amounts of green tea and seriously binge watching tv.

Also, seriously, this month has lasted forever!

Maybe it’s because I’ve just got so much coming up in May and June that I’m thoroughly excited about… Maybe it’s because I launch my newsletter in May… Which contains some free Instagram story covers if you’re into that kinda thing… Also, if you sign up you’re automatically in with a chance to win my Birthday Beauty Bundle giveaway which launches next week…

Who knows?

Anyway, onto the tv shows!

What I’m Watching

Firstly though, a disclaimer. Typically I punctuate these posts with gifs of the shows, however, trying to find gifs of two of them proved impossible, so… sorry ?.

The Job Lot

I had never even heard of this show, or of any of its cast, until for some reason Netflix decided to recommend it to me. Now, the fact I am slightly obsessed with British tv shows that use this format meant that I was quickly hooked. Yeah, I like shows set in offices despite actually not enjoying working in offices myself…?

Anyway! Taking place in a West Midlands job centre, with staff just as dysfunctional as those coming in to sign on every week, this show is full of giggles both predictable and bizarre. Mainly revolving around the teams romantic aspirations, expect plenty of jokes that hit below the belt, and of course, plenty of good ol’ fashioned British fun.

Lost in Space

I had read nothing but bad reviews about the reboot of Lost in Space, but decided to give this a go after a stellar review from Allie over Twitter. It was then I realised that all the negative reviews were by men, and of course they’d hate a sci-fi show with strong, intelligent female characters that outsmart and outshine the men.

This is some damn good scifi, people with a plot that actually makes sense. It isn’t a remake of the original show, but a reboot, and every episode was visually delightful, and able to draw me into each characters story arc, and actually care about what happens to the lot of them.

Except Will.

Bye-bye Will ?

Secrets of Great British Castles

I have a confession to make. On Friday nights I love nothing more than sitting at home, with a home-made pizza, watching Netflix documentaries. I am a much more boring person than any of you realised, however am always solid on any pub quiz team.

So, this documentary looks at the histories of the many castles littered throughout the UK. Each episode focuses on one castle and it’s history, and the show in general creates a beautiful tapestry of British history, kings, queens, and all the drama that went down.

If you’re a fan of British history, or just like exploring pretty castles vicariously, check this one out.

So, what have you guys been watching lately?

xx Bry Jaimea

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