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Welcome to Autumn

Welcome to Autumn blog post by Bry Jaimea

I love Autumn and all it entails – snuggles, sweaters, socks and comfort food. I have always been a fan of the colder, darker months of the years and it was one of the great motivators for relocating to Scotland. After a lifetime in Australia, I am used to a slow descent into Autumn which ultimately culminates in Winter, allowing one plenty of planning and prep.

However, I live in Scotland now, not Australia, and the weather here doesn’t mess about!

Summer in Scotland is a dance of blue and grey across the heavens, as clear days are marched from the heavens by mackerel skies, in turn chased by rolling grey clouds the following days that bring the summer rains. But as the equinox passes, and summer turns to autumn, those scattering of pale white clouds that create the beautiful mackerel skies grow scarce, whereas the undulating rainclouds grow seem a constant companion to the fierce winds that Autumn brings. Where as dusk during those summer months stretched out for hours, with warm breezes encouraging evening picnics and walks, night now falls quickly, the starlit skies of summer hidden beneath the dense clouds, concealed by the rain.

It was only a week ago I was cursing my summer duvet for being too warm, with Ben and I cursing the weather for our inability to sleep (and Maia’s obsession with sleeping right on top of us, the furry little black neurotic ball of fluff and warmth that she is), whereas already I’m wishing Maia wouldn’t decide to abandon me at 6am (like clockwork) every morning for whatever mischief she decides to get up to, and also wishing I had already switched over to my winter duvet (which is my plan for this weekend!)


To me, just like Spring, Autumn involves a deep clean of the home with everything aired and refreshed and deep cleans of pantries, fridges and freezers undertaken, with new recipes considered, contemplated, then taken note of to make over the coming months.
Comfort food warms the heart and soothes the soul, and has already made itself known in the kitchen this past weekend, with the perfect Shepherd’s Pie being concocted on Saturday night, followed by Cheese and Bacon Muffins the following morning, which were swiftly consumed by all. This weekend we’ll be delving into the world of the Ultimate Chicken Curry, which although is probably the least healthy curry ever made is also the most delicious, and some Carrot and Coriander soup for weekday lunches.
Over the next six months there’ll be plenty of warming recipes being posted (every Monday!) including soups, stews, and other slow cooked goodies.

It’s also the time I start thinking about not only re-organising my wardrobe, but looking at what new pieces I should buy to bring it back to life, and just how many new pairs of socks I should buy! I have a thing for socks, loving colourful and fluffy socks, yet somehow manage to not only lose one sock of a pair, but the entire pair! Socks aside, as no one ever sees my socks, it’s also sweaters and scarves season, and I also start my online shopping to find the basics I want for the season.

In all honesty, I don’t need any more scarves, as like my socks and gloves, I tend to be a bit of a collector, but who can resist a nice soft sweater to shield yourself from the bitter morning breeze?

The cooler months also means cooler shades of lipstick, and I love my lips to showcase deep plums and reds throughout the Autumn and Winter months. I also love a dewy winter face, which I suppose stems from my teenage years in the 90’s when dewy faces and deep lips were all the rage during the goth chic era.

Autumn is such a beautiful season, full of rich decadent colours, not only on our lips and scarves and coats, but in nature and its ever changing hues. Chartreuse is a strange colour, an almost sickly sweet colour that is neither yellow nor green, yet come Autumn where it finds its contrast against the deep brown limbs of the deciduous trees that line the streets of Glasgow, it has almost magical properties. Chartreuse promises the rich ambers and reds, and as the leaves change colour, hanging limply from their branches, so too do they promise winter and the crunching leaf litter beneath our feet so soon to come.

xx Bry Jaimea


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