[THE STYLE EDIT] Reach new heights this Spring!

[THE STYLE EDIT] Reach new heights this Spring!

It’s that time of the month you’ve all been waiting for!

That’s right, it’s my monthly post about the shoes I am currently coveting, and my attempt to justify purchasing all of them.

Now, when I first decided to write this post we didn’t just have a week of snow, and I was feeling that kinda hopefully that spring was going to, uh, spring. But here we are, 6 days into March and it’s still snowing.

However, the weather and I don’t necessarily see eye to eye, and so today I am posting some presently very impractical footwear, but footwear that will none the less inspire you for spring!

This season, that is to say SS18, is all about chunky sandals, clogs, and wedge heels. Now, I know a lot of people aren’t fond of wedges as they can be quite heavy, however, they’re much easier to walk in than a summer stiletto.

See, although slim heeled stilettos look fabulous, they’re not very practical in spring and summer. You can’t wear them to the races or to picnics, and once you’ve had a prosecco or two beneath the spring and summer sun, trust me when I say you’ll be preferring a wedge heel!

Also, if you live in Rain City like I do wedges, especially those with platforms, will help keep you high and dry!

See, wedges are practical ?

So yes, these shoes may be a little too high, a little too colourful, a little too too, but if you can’t wear colour and be a little bit eccentric in spring, then when can you?


What do you think of wedges? Do you have any favourites from above?

Also, would you be interested in posts about how to wear and style certain types of shoes?

xx Bry Jaimea

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