Autumnal Adventures

Autumnal Adventures

Now that it’s Autumn (or Fall (Hi US readers! I haven’t forgotten you!)) if, of course, you follow the meteorological calendar, rather than the astronomical one, then you’ll already be auditing your wardrobe and accessories (wait, only me?) in preparation for the next few months of weather that isn’t too warm, isn’t too cold, but just right.

However, autumn isn’t just for deep, luxurious hues, sorting out your slow-cook comfort food recipes, or curling up with a book as mackerel skies promise rain: it’s the perfect season and reason to head outside, and enjoy nature. After all, there are plenty of things to do in Autumn, if you know where to look!

Things to do in Autumn

To me, autumn is the most creative month as leaves change colour, berries bedeck branches, and clouds chase each other across vivid blue skies. Autumn tantalises and teases all the senses with its bright, earthly colours, its deep organise aromas, and even the crunching of leaves beneath feet.

So, although it’s tempting to curl up and bunker down, resisting the promise of cold weather that is to come, now is the perfect time to enjoy mother nature at her best, and these are just a few ideas how:

Things to do in Autumn

Go Hiking

It’s not too cold, it’s not too warm, there’s no snow, and the rain hasn’t hit torrential levels yet, so now is the perfect time to plan a hike. Take some sandwiches, or a picnic, and make a day of it!

Plan a Staycation

You don’t have to travel far to have a break, and you’d be surprised at how many beautiful locales are on your doorstep. Plan a weekend away somewhere close by staying at a quaint B&B or cabin, purely and simply for some peace and quiet. It’s the perfect chance to explore the parts of your country near you that you’ve never seen before, and feel like a tourist in your own home town!

Go for a Country Drive

Pick a location on the map, jump in the car, and off you go! Autumn colours are beautiful to behold, even from behind the wheel of a car, and after winding your way through country roads, lined with tawny leaves, you’ll be able to stop at a cute village or town at some point for lunch, and sample the local produce.

Visit a Vineyard

When better to visit a vineyard and sample some wines than during Autumn, when the grapes are at their ripest? Whether you head off by yourself, or attend a day-tour, most vineyards offer views out across the countryside – what better way to see ochre and amber leaves?

Relax on a River or Canal Cruise

On a cruise there’s nowhere to go but with the flow, so if you have trouble relaxing and simply allowing yourself to be, a canal or river cruise is the perfect way to learn whilst distracting yourself with the beauty that lines the water.

Although the weather may be getting cooler, and the days are growing shorter, now is the perfect time to explore and enjoy nature, and indulge yourself in every scent and every colour this beautiful season has to offer.

What are you up to this Autumn?



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