Taking a moment for myself

Well, the past two weeks have been something haven’t they? From extremists attempting to strike fear into us (and everyone standing together with strength and love in defiance), to hung parliaments, to job offers, and dining disasters.

Right now though, I am sitting at my desk, looking out across the gardens below my flat and simply allowing myself to be.

Isn’t it strange how sometimes life distracts us so much we simply forget to be? We’re too distracted by the what ifs, the whens, the whys and hows, that we forget to stop and be in the moment, if only for a moment.

So, this morning I am simply being. I have a cup of my extra strong green tea in a new, oversized mug I purchases yesterday from Morrisons, my usual poached eggs have been replaced with bacon and gluten free sourdough, and the rain is continuing to trickle down my windowpane.

This is the first weekend in a fair few months that I have sat at my desk, ready to work on my writing and other more creative pursuits without any stress or other distractions to pull me away from my interests and passions. Chores have been completed for the week, and any cooking can wait for the now.

See, I realised the other day that it has been quite a while since I wrote a more personal post about what’s happening in my life. The purpose of this blog wasn’t just for recipes and random bits of advice, or to wishlist all the shoes I want to buy, but to also diarise what’s happening in my day to day life.

The past few months, in fact, this entire year has been incredibly stressful, which kind of goes against my New Year resolution of a less stressful life, but c’est la vie – some things are completely beyond our control.

However, with the personal changes that have occurred over the past two weeks, the stress has been lifted from my shoulders and I’m finally starting to think again in a clear, concise and relaxed manner.

I can finally think about my future again, and I am rediscovering the joys in going to bed an hour earlier, an overly complicated skincare routine, and sitting in my favourite pub with a glass of wine watching the rain.

I live a pretty riveting life, don’t I?

Given the uplift of stress from my life, let’s have a wee catch up about the changes that have been happening:

New Job

Finally! After being in Glasgow for 18 months, seeking a more permanent employment opportunity that didn’t involving getting paid by the hour, I was finally offered a contract working for an organisation I believe in, and in a role that seems like it was custom made just for me – marketing and communications doubled with project and programme work.

If you find a more creative logical thinker than myself, give them my details so we can have a chat.

Of course, the role wasn’t custom made for me, but it involves the things I am passionate about and the work I enjoy doing. This contract is an amazing opportunity and will not only have me doing what I love, but is the foot in the door I’ve needed for a career change.

Not that I ever had any issue being a PA, but there’s simply no scope for it in Glasgow so time to move on, time to change.

New Name

You may have noticed the new logo up the top of this post. I’m no longer Short. Cute. Compact. (ok, I’ll always be short, but y’know what I mean) and have now rebranded to simply using my name: Bry Jaimea.

I feel that SCC would end up one day being too restrictive and come across as immature – after all, I was 14 when I was first referred to as SCC and given that was 20 years ago; it’s time to simply be me and not what people think of me.

I am also heavily considering dropping the “Style” section of the blog. Although I love fashion, style, clothing, shoes, skincare etc, these posts tend to be the least popular here given I am not comfortable modelling my latest buys for the camera and thus generating reader engagement in that way.

Maybe one day, but at this point I feel like I’ll probably leave it to rest with only the occasional wishlist posts like those for my Surviving Summer series you’ve seen popping up.

Summer Skin Care

A few weeks ago the sun was shining and I was at my limit of my tolerance for warm weather (about 21C), however ever since the official start of summer it has been quite driech. One of my colleagues at work (a fellow Aussie) actually laughed when I said I was doing a Surviving Summer series asking: “What’s to survive!?”

However, with it being summer it means the few freckles I have (that escaped the laser freckle removal treatment I underwent a few years back) have darkened in the most unattractive (to me) manner.

Now, don’t get me wrong, freckles are positively adorable and cute and lovely – just not on me. I have never suited my spots and they simply look out of place on my face.

So, of course I figured with my freckles now on display  it was time to invest in some new skin care. I already have a pretty intensive skincare routine, but that doesn’t mean the products I use can’t be updated with something new, right? Right.

This was also, I should mention, inspired by Heather who I caught up with last week (more on that later) who bought me some Dragon’s Blood makeup remover wipes for my birthday – I loved them so much I bought some more items from the range to test out and hopefully improve my summer freckles, and finer lines.

I purchased a new daily moisturiser and intensive night toner – I’ll keep you all posted on how these go.


After receiving my job offer, I had to go out and celebrate with my favourite friend Heather. We headed to Brown’s Glasgow which we had both heard nothing but positive reviews of, however, it left us seriously disappointed and I was out of pocket by £70 for a week due to our server making a big error, a duty manager refusing to help, and lots of other drama along the way.

£70 is a lot of money y’all.

Either way, the issue was resolved on Thursday morning and Brown’s was most apologetic, so that’s all done and dusted. Heather and I will be revisiting the venue shortly, and I am hoping I am able to write a more positive review.

Brown’s aside, catching up with Heather was lovely as we hadn’t seen each other at all this year due to life, essentially, getting in the way. After dinner we headed to the Counting House (because no night out in Glasgow is complete without a visit to ‘Spoons) where we caught up over a few pitchers of brightly coloured cocktails.

Isn’t it funny how it can be months or even years between seeing a friend but the moment you’re together again it’s as if no time has passed? I love those types of friendships, and indeed due to the fact I have lived in many cities around the world, these are the friendships I tend to have.

In fact, one of my favourite people (Owain) has been chatting away over Facebook the past fewdays, despite not having spoken since maybe September last year (due to life being life), and it’s as if we’ve not gone a day without being in each other’s life.

Some friendships may textual, with messages sent from thousands of miles of way, but they were still as warm and caring as if I had been there – or they had been here. It’s nice, comforting to know, that no matter where you are, what you have been through, that these friends will always care for you and care about you (and you of course, them).

As we all know Ben has moved into my wee flat and so we’re in the process of reorganising and rearranging everything at the moment. I’m taking before and after photos because there’s a lot of DIY involved and if I can’t share DIY on the blog, what’s the point in a Lifestyle blog?

However, no matter what happens to my flat, my friendships, my dinner or my work, I need to remember to make sure this blog isn’t just about stuff but also about my life – and that’s why I’ve changed the blog name. I am Bry Jaimea, and this blog is me.

Anyway, I’ve finished my bacon sandwich and my cup of tea has gone dry – how about I pop the kettle on, and you tell me about your week in the comments?



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