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A trip down Brick Lane

The first time I visited Brick Lane was back when I lived in London in 2015. I was taken there by the person I was dating at the time after being promised salt beef bagels, which despite my gluten intolerance, is high on my list of things I love – I mean, who doesn’t love bagels, amiright or  ...

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35 Ways to Beat Summer Heat

By the time I finished writing these ideas, I kid you not, I had semantic satiation of the word “cool”. That just goes to show just how great these ideas and life hacks are for uh, cooling you down. Growing up in Sydney, I’ve experienced my fair share of hot summers, and learned from a young  ...

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Using Essential Oils to Repel Insects

Part of my morning commute to work involves a 20 minute walk from Glasgow Central, and a few Fridays ago, despite it only being 20C at the time (8:30am) by the time I reached the office, I collapsed into my chair and declared myself the worst Australian ever. I was clearly born in the wrong  ...

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