Life Moving

How not to lose your shit when moving

Please note, I say “shit” a lot in this post #sorrynotsorry. So, I just moved from one side of Glasgow to the other, a day I affectionately refer to as M-Day. We’re in a bigger flat, with a yard, and there is so much natural lighting that our my blog photography is going to be …

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How to Fix Brassy Hair at Home

So, earlier this year (in August) I went from brunette to blonde, and despite my misgivings about hairdressers in general I paid £150 to have it done professionally… Big mistake as I ended up with Brassy Hair. Typically, I cut and colour my own hair as I haven’t had a positive experience with a hairdresser …

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Mental Health Wellness

What is Anxiety?

I didn’t always have anxiety, at least, I didn’t think I did. I just had insomnia, right? Insomnia isn’t anxiety! Neither is the occasional panic attack… or not being able to enter a venue by myself… or the tight chest when thinking about certain situations… or a very long list of other things that are …

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Beauty Fashion Style

How to Feel & Look Your Best When Leaving the House

We’ve all done it, left the house feeling great, only to walk past our reflection and realise something, somehow, how gone tragically wrong – whether it’s a piece of lettuce in our teeth, tissue remnants from the washing machine, or a less than flattering silhouette, knowing that something isn’t quite right with how we are …

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