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[INTERVIEW] Kaye Ford of Fordtography

Welcome to Interview with a #GirlBoss, a monthly series around inspirational women who are forging their own futures. When I was much younger, back in my days on the goth scene, I once asked the resident scene photographer how to take a good photo. He responded: It takes 100 photos to capture  ...

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What I'm Watching on Television - my suggestions and recommendations via @BryJaimea
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What I’m watching: August

Ever heard the term “cinephile”? Well, I ain’t one of those. My attention span is literally 45 minutes max, so taking me to see a movie is all good and fine, (especially if I have popcorn, cause I love me some popcorn. In fact, I love popcorn so much I literally don’t have a microwave or I’d be  ...

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