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[REVIEW] Kcal Kitchen, Glasgow

I’m feeling pretty good today. You know that feeling when you’ve slept well, drank a massive amount of green tea, and your skinny jeans are feeling a little bit less skinny? That’s how I am feeling today. Feelin’ good. Anyway, last week was a crazy week for me with many good things balanced out  ...

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[REVIEW] Alla Turca Turkish Restaurant

Tuesdays are quite possibly my most disliked day of the week. You’re no longer refreshed from the weekend just past, and the next weekend is still far too many sleeps away. That’s why on Tuesday just past, Lis and I decided to catch up for dinner, because if you have to work on a Tuesday, you  ...

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Food Life

An ode to Hot Chocolate

I have many weird food intolerances, and one of those intolerances means I can have neither coffee nor chocolate. Lucky for you though, I decided to ignore this intolerance in order to bring you today’s blog all about hot chocolate – hooray! Seriously, does anything really speak to your soul  ...

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