Summer Self Care: Looking after yourself mind, body & summer soul

Summer Self Care: Looking after yourself mind, body & summer soul

If you know me, you know I left Australia, the land of eternal summer, for a reason. No, it’s not that I’m a miserable person (I’m really not!) it’s simply that after 31 years of beautiful weather, you come to really appreciate winter and grey skies.

Which is why I moved to the land of eternal winter – Scotland!

Now, needless to say that just as Sydney isn’t without it’s colder months (is actually has a higher rainfall than London!), Scotland is not without summer, and we’re experiencing a heatwave this week with tops of 30C forecast!

That’s right, summer has brightened the skies of Scotland and brought with it beautifully colourful scenes, blossoming bouquets of aromas dancing upon the air night and day, and of course, the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Truth be told, one of the most beautiful aspects of summer in Scotland is its short nights, that seem to last only a handful of hours. Last Thursday, Summer Solstice and the first officialday of summer, I stood in wonder, watching the golden glow across The Campsies as the clock ticked ever closer to midnight (it was 11:45pm!), and night was yet to fall in completeness.

In fact, night hardly falls in summer where I live, and that golden aurora remains throughout the night casting a magical glow across my town.

But, we’re not here to talk about short nights, but self care.

Whether you love or loathe summer, it’s just as important to be looking after ourselves, our minds, our bodies, and our spirits, in the summer months as it is in winter. However, we all too often tend to forget about looking after ourselves in summer don’t we? We assume all that extra Vitamin D will do the job for us, and forget that we also have to put some of the effort in too.

Below I have pulled together some of my favourite summer self care suggestions to ensure that this season, whether you’re in Scotland or Australia (and reading this in 6 months time, cause you know, seasons) you’ll be making sure you are looking out for you in the most summer way possible!

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Summer Self Care

Head to the ocean

Perfect in the morning or evening when there’s fewer people, there’s something undeniably relaxing and reassuring about the soft sussurus of the ocean, and wide stretches of golden sands beneath your feet. My personal favourite is dipping my toes in the cold salted waters of the ocean that have travelled across the world for millennia, only to by chance touch your toes in that very moment. The beach is an incredibly peaceful and calming, perfect for self care, and full of curative powers.

Eat Fresh

Whereas winter is all about warmng soups and root vegetables, summer is perfect for revitalising your body with fresh fruits and vegetables, especially from the local farmers markets. Not only is eating fresh, lightly prepared foods perfect for summer, but it’ll also help you feel lighter and happier throughout the brightly lit months. Plus, who doesn’t love getting outdoors and visiting the markets?

Just… Relax

Self care isn’t always about doing something, as sometimes it’s just as important to do nothing. In today’s hectic world we tend not to allow ourselves to simply be, or be still, especially come summer when we’re expected to be out and about, and as busy as a bee. Taking the time to do nothing without any attached guilt or intent is incredibly important for your peace of mind.

Embrace some Culture

Hiding in a museum, an art gallery, or sitting back and enjoying a live band is an enjoyable method of self care. Surrounding yourself with beauty, art and culture helps invigorate not only your mind, enhance your creative core, but also lift your senses and your spirit. Staying indoors and away from the sun come summer can be incredibly relaxing – no one is expecting you to be a beach bunny and it’s ok to stay indoors and look after yourself.

Go on a solo adventure

Nothing says summer like a road trip, and sometimes getting behind the wheel of a car, turning on the tunes, and driving towards a beautiful destination for a few days off can be the personal reward you deserve. Heading outside of the city, away from work and your every day life, is essential for some summer peace of mind. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish with your time, and sometimes being alone and away from the world is exactly what we need.

Find yourself

No, you’re not lost, but you may have momentarily misplaced yourself. Taking some time to reconnect with yourself and to establish your physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological needs is important and yet so often forgotten. Find somewhere quiet, somewhere peaceful, and somewhere beautiful to sit and indulge yourself in a little introspection.

Are you looking forward to summer? What are your self care tips for the next few months of sunshine?

xx Bry Jaimea

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