Ladies, shaving our faces is IN!

Ladies, shaving our faces is IN!

Hey everyone! I had some great photos planned for today but could not find pink razors anywhere! Seriously disappointed right now!

Anyway, today I want to talk about shaving our faces. I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while so am glad I’ve finally put pen pen to paper (or, er, fingertips to keyboard?) and discuss what is a very popular, sensitive, personal, topic. Shall we get into it?


I shave my face.

And I love it.

In fact, many women these days (and in the past too, I’m looking at you Marilyn and Elizabeth!) are turning their noses up to expensive salon hair removal treatments, opting instead to shave their own faces in the comfort of their own home.

And why not? As well as being incredibly cheap to do it is absolutely jam packed full of benefits that far outweigh any remaining stigma.

I first started shaving my face in my mid twenties, yep, 10 years ago! Having quite dark body hair means that my upper lip hair was always noticeable, and the fine hairs on my cheek, well, although they were fine there was a lot of them and I always felt really self conscious.

I hated waxing because it always irritated my sensitive skin, and plucking and threaded were too time consuming (also salon waiting times suck). And creams? Not only smell bad, but they also cause irritation (and are comedonal – who needs that!)

So, one day I picked up a razor and got to it – buy-bye peach fuzz! I haven’t looked back since.

I not only shave my upper lip, but my cheeks as well. Without that layer of peach fuzz getting in the way it means my skincare is applied to a prepped, primed, and most importantly smooth surface, ready to soak up all the goodness.

That’s because when you shave your face you’re not only removing the vellus hairsv (I.e. peach fuzz), but also a fine layer of dead skin cells which then promotes cell turnover, meaning velvety smooth skin all around!

Another benefit of shaving your face? Well, as you’re stretching your face to reach every angle, you’re actually working those muscles! Smooth skin and toned muscles? Yes please!

So, are you ready to shave your face like the HBIC you are? Here’s how I do it:

Ladies - shaving your face is in! Why shaving your face creates beautiful, youthful skin and a scultped face. How to shave your face and why it's ok! Pinterest via @BryJaimea #shave #shaving #skin #skincare #beauty #exfoliating #youthful #antiaging #hairremoval #haircare

Ladies, shaving our faces is in!

Wet Shave

I apply a thin film of coconut oil to my face and neck whilst in the shower.

Using a men’s razor (because they’re designed for the curvature of the face) I carefully shave off the fine layer of peach fuzz along my upper lip, cheeks, jawline and neck.

Afterwards, I apply my potions, lotions, serums and creams as per usual.

Dry Shave

Alternatively, I use one of these babies and use short, downwards strokes on clean and dry skin to remove the hair. Afterwards, I can apply my serums and other skin care products as usual.

Either way works well, and it depends completely on my mood which method I use. Both are super quick, easy, and efficient - #sorrynotsorry salon waiting line!

So what do you think about shaving your face? Have you tried it? Are you going to? Let me know what you think in the comments!

xx Bry Jaimea

Shaving is In!

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