Are you road trip ready?

Are you road trip ready?

road trip via @Bryjaime #car #vintage #roadtrip #printable #checklist #blue #pink" width="735" height="1102" />Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far here in Glasgow so I think it’s safe to say we finally have Summer! My wardrobe, my life, and my fake tan (not really) are ready.

Of course, with the bank holiday weekend just past and the summer holiday period ahead greeting us brightly, if you’re anything like Ben and I you’re already planning your next weekend getaway by now.

As we’re planning a massive adventure to New York in November, this summer we’ll be mainly adventuring via roadtrips, with trips to Newcastle and Manchester already planned. I know that may not sound terribly exciting, but as a new resident to the UK (I’ve only been here 3 years), I’m still enjoying exploring all this tiny island has to offer.

I love a good road trip and have so many fond memories of road trips going back as far as I can remember, into my childhood. There’s something so relaxing and thrilling about driving down long stretches of unfamiliar road, scenery zooming past the window, as a custom playlist urges you on your way.

However, although a road trip can seem like an easy, quick and fun trip, it’s important to make sure that your car is up for it. After all, no one wants to end up deserted on aforementioned unfamiliar stretch of road due to a unnecessary breakdown, no matter how pretty the scenery.

You’d honestly be surprised how many people don’t think about this when preparing for a road trip – I myself have been stuck on a highway, in the middle of an Aussie summer, waiting for the tow-truck due to my driving companions lack of foresight. It’s not fun, it’s not safe, and more often than not it’s entirely preventable.

Also, it ruins what would have otherwise been a fabulous getaway!

So, in order to help prevent a ruined road trip, I’ve pulled together 10 things to check prior to a road trip in this wee checklist for you to ensure your car is road trip ready for summer, because safety first, y’know?  Feel free to print this out and use it prior to your next adventure!

After all, Better Safe than Sorry!

10 things to check prior to a road trip

Are you road trip ready? Use this checklist to make sure your car is safe on the road this spring and summer. How to ensure your car is ready for the road on your next adventure and to have a safe journey, trip, and holiday! 10 things to check prior to a road trip via @Bryjaime #car #vintage #roadtrip #printable #checklist #blue #pink

This graphic was created in collaboration with Fife Autocentre and their Better Safe than Sorry campaign. Fife Autocentre provides car batteries in Stirling with professional fitting too!

xx Bry Jaimea

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