[REVIEW] Kcal Kitchen, Glasgow

[REVIEW] Kcal Kitchen, Glasgow

I’m feeling pretty good today. You know that feeling when you’ve slept well, drank a massive amount of green tea, and your skinny jeans are feeling a little bit less skinny?

That’s how I am feeling today. Feelin’ good.

Anyway, last week was a crazy week for me with many good things balanced out by many weird things. And when I say balanced out, I mean to say that last week was a damned rollercoaster of highs and lows!

For example: I received some exciting opportunities for my blog, but then the next day had my Instagram hacked! Not fun.

So needless to say my depression decided to kick in last week, as it’s prone to do, and the weekend was spent staring blankly at my screen, knowing I had content to create, but having absolutely zero emotional energy to do so.

I honestly have a list as long as my arm of blog posts, and all I managed to write was something along the lines of “So, uh crystals. They’re pretty shiny hey?” which is not worthy of a pat on the back, let’s be honest.

So yeah, roller-coaster of a week.

Thankfully though, Ben realising I’d hit a bit of a low, was on top of things and he took me to one of my favourite places in Glasgow to eat – Kcal Kitchen.

Kcal Kitchen is located on West Regent Street in Glasgow, and offers what it described as “A nutritional focused healthy restaurant and smoothie bar in Glasgow”. It’s a small basement level venue, with a bright green façade which is carried through into the bright, white and green interior. Timber tables and chairs, with bright and cheerful signage on the walls, everything about the location screams “Fresh”!

I first visited Kcal Kitchen prior to an event earlier this year and promptly fell in love. There were so many things on the menu that sounded thoroughly delicious it was hard to choose. But choose I did, under the understanding that I’d be bringing Ben back as soon as possible.

Last night was that moment of “possible” and when he perused the menu he had the same conundrum that I did during my first visit:

“It’s not very often I look at a menu and see more than one thing I want to order!” he exclaimed, before ordering a Muscle Builder Burger (which looked amazingly delicious).

With a variety of culinary inspirations from Tex Mex, through to Asian fusion, there’s plenty of options no matter what your taste, even if you’re not too convinced by the concept of a restaurant that focusses on healthy food!

Now, I know a restaurant that focuses on healthy food may not appeal to some, but considering their menu has not only salads, but burgers, crispy chicken strips, and mac n’ cheese, it goes to show that healthy food can be just as delicious as it’s not so healthy counterparts. In fact, we even had Macho Nachos as our starter!

The menu items focus on nutrition, so are high in protein and low on carbs – meaning when you’re full it’s that fullness stemming from satisfaction and you’ll be full the rest of the evening. Unlike something carb loaded when you’ll be bloated, but hungry in half an hour.

In fact, during my first visit to Kcal Kitchen, I was half way through my salad when I started to struggle because my belly was satisfied – that being said though, I’m one of those weird people who find salads and soups incredibly filling.

This time though I ordered the Kentucky Box which… I didn’t realise was gluten free so am in a bit of pain today… It was served in a box and had three crispy chicken tenderloins, a barbecued corn on the cob, slaw, and a bean mix. It was spicy, and delicious!

Ben and I are already planning our next visit to Kcal Kitchen and I feel like it’s going to be added to our rotation of frequently visited venues.

Have you ever been to Kcal Kitchen? What did you think?

xx Bry Jaimea

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