[WHAT’S INSIDE] February Glossybox

[WHAT’S INSIDE] February Glossybox

Guys, my skin is suffering.

Since I moved I haven’t been able to follow my 7-step routine of an evening and my skin is so thirsty it’s pinning up pictures of serums and essences all over the spare room to drool over.

I ensured I kept a few skincare essentials out, thinking I’d have access to my products quickly, but nope. They’re still hiding at the bottom of a pile of boxes, feeling forlorn and neglected.

I haven’t forgotten you my darlings! I’ll be with you soon!

Now, we all know how much I love subscription boxes don’t we? It’s like a monthly lucky dip, surprise present to myself. I never know what I’m going to get, and despite being a person who hates surprises, subscription boxes are the one surprise I love, and Glossybox is by far my favourite.

Typically a mix of skincare and cosmetics, I was really looking forward to this month’s Glossybox to see what skincare treats it had to offer! Their January box contained my absolutely favourite Dr Botanicals Morrocan Rose Superfood Facial Oil (try saying that one ten times fast!) and I had fingers and toes crossed that this month would bless me with something just as lush.

Unfortunately for my skin, this month was all cosmetics, but that’s not to say I’m disappointed at all!

What’s inside the February Glossybox?

The February Glossybox contained five items, three full sized and two travel/mini sized, so for a £13.25 price this months box was more than worth it.

My favourite item in the box was the Sleek iDivine storm palette which is full of shimmering, moody and romantic shades. If you’re familiar with Sleek palettes you’ll know these are some of the best eyeshadow palettes you’ll find on the high street (they retail for £8.99). I’m not sure how much use I’ll actually have of the palette given I’m not the most creative person with eyeshadows (I couldn’t cut a crease to save my life), but it’ nice to know I have it in my arsenal!

Next on the list is the Studio10 Beauty Makeup Mist Glow-Plexion (£14) which is a primer, a hydrator, and a setting spray. Not bad hey? It has a lovely and subtle fragrance, and the formula feels nice on my skin, smoothing and softening the texture. However, the spray mechanism is quite forceful, meaning it isn’t a light mist at all – I’ll definitely use this by itself, but not over makeup! This is just a travel size, so maybe it’s just the smaller packaging that causes it to be a dense spray, rather than fine mist.

Onto the Ciate London Geology nailpolish mini (£6). I received the shade “Raising the barre” which is a deep, vampiric red. I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t painted my nails in a month or so because of the move, but this vampy colour has me eyeing my rather dull looking nails quite suspiciously. Just a shame it’s not a more Spring inspired colour as I am already prepping my wardrobe, and beauty routine, for the upcoming seasonal shift. But beggars can’t be chooses, can we now?

Now… These next two products I was not happy with at all. The first is the Steve Laurant Nude Pop Lip Tint. A gorgeous colour with gorgeous rose gold packaging, I was excited for this, however it’s going to be relegated to the sin bin as I found it waxy and drying on my lips. I love soft lips, and am all for nourishing lip balms – this product though just isn’t one of them.

And finally… The worst product in the box is one I wouldn’t wish upon my enemies. The Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara is… bad. Very bad. A mascara that is meant to have a creamy, buildable texture, I found it made my lashes heavy, dry and brittle. It’s also almost impossible to remove which is incredibly frustrating.

I seem to have a lot of bad luck with mascaras, but this is because I compare every single mascara I purchase to the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara which for £3 is honestly the best mascara on the market. If a mascara that retails for £15 (which is the retail price of the Icona Milano mascara) can’t compare to a £3 mascara, well, there’s not much more to be said on the matter is there?

Although the February Glossybox is a bit hit and miss, given the nail polish, hydrating spray and eyeshadow palette have a combined retail price of £29, I think this month’s Glossybox more than worth the pricetag!

I do wish I had received some of the other products that could have been received in this months box (products by Rodial, Oolution, and Skin Chemists London), but again, part of the fun of a subscription box is never knowing what you’re getting!

Are you a fan of Glossybox? What’s your favourite subscription box?

xx Bry Jaimea

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