[REVIEW] A313 Pommade: The affordable secret to youthful skin

[REVIEW] A313 Pommade: The affordable secret to youthful skin

Hello my lovelies, are you ready for a bit of Francophilia? Because I have for you today my new holy-grail product straight from France (literally – I imported it from France… I don’t mess around when it comes to skincare!) 
Anyway, if you’re new here it’s a badly kept secret that I adore France and the effortlessly chic beauty and style of French Women. Basically I’m an Australian, living in Scotland, dreaming of France!

Anyway, if you’re new here it’s a badly kept secret that I adore France and the effortlessly chic beauty and style of French Women. Basically I’m an Australian, living in Scotland, dreaming of France!

If you’re not new here though, you’ll know that once upon a time I swore by my 7 Step Skin Routine and would recommend it to anyone! After my recent reading into the beauty routines of the typical Parisienne though (and what has turned out to be my most popular post!) I decided to simplify my routine a wee bit, and try some of the cult products that are synonymous with French beauty.

One product that seemed to be repeated on every list of “must have” products I found was A313 Pommade, a Retinol enriched formula that French women swear by. Although I already had a Retinol serum I was using (The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane), I wasn’t actually seeing the miraculous benefits Retinol lovers swear by, and so thought I would try A313 Pommade for myself.

After a lot of online hunting, I couldn’t actually find any UK supplier of A313 Pommade, and the cost of it from Amazon or Ebay was a tad pricey at over £20 for a tube. However, not one to be deterred I found (and promptly purchased) a tube of A313 Pommade direct from France for £10 which included shipping.

Take that Amazon and Ebay!

Anyway, my package of French goodies arrived within a week of placing my order which I considered to be pretty reasonable, however I decided to wait until the weekend before trying it out. The reason why I waited til the weekend, is the same reason why any person using a new retinol product should: because you never know how your skin is going to react to a new formula.

Speaking of the formula, it has a similar consistency of Vaseline or Egyptian Magic – that of an ointment, rather than a cream or essence. It contains 0.2% Vitamin A (Retinol) which aids in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation. It has a pleasant smell and tastes kind of citrusy (don’t ask how I know this – I’m not as graceful or elegant as some people think I am!)

Thankfully, my skin didn’t have any negative reactions by way of peeling, however if I touched my face whilst the product was absorbing into my skin I would feel a bit itchy afterwards. This is because the Retinol was reacting with the oils and/or moisture of my fingertips – it is essential to apply this product to a clean and dry face, and ensure that you only touch your face with clean and dry fingers until it is fully absorbed.

Now, I know the above sounds a bit scary, but we shouldn’t be touching our faces with dirty fingers anyway, y’know?

I have incorporated A313 Pommade into my new routine quite easily, applying a small pea size amount to my face, neck and décolletage after my shower of an evening (ensuring first I am thoroughly dry!). After about a half hour, I apply my usual night cream and facial oil before retiring for the night.

Over the past week I have been following this routine religiously, and have already noticed the incredible difference to my skin. My skins texture is almost impossibly soft and supple, and my wrinkles and fine lines are much less noticeable. After only a week I am completely converted and understand exactly why this is such a staple in the beauty routine of many French women.

A313 Pommade Product Review

Before you rush off to purchase your own A313 Pommade and change your skin forever, there’s a few things you should take note of:

  • This product contains Retinol, and therefore should only be used at night time. Ensure that an SPF is worn during the day as Retinol can increase your skins sensitivity to the sun.
  • You only need a small amount of product, about the size of a pea. This is enough to cover your face, neck, and décolletage. It may be tempting to use more, but this will only increase absorption time, and be a waste of product.
  • Ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and dry prior to using the product. Using A313 Pommade on wet or dirty skin can cause irritation as the Retinol reacts with these elements.
  • If you are new to Retinols, introduce the product to your skin slowly, every second or third night. Otherwise, your skin may peel as it is not used to high concentrations of Retinol.
  • Wait until the product has fully absorbed into the skin (anywhere from 20-30 minutes) before applying a night cream and/or facial oil.

If you’re looking for a new, affordable, Retinol solution for your skin I could not recommend this product enough! The almost immediate difference it has made to my skin has transformed, well, my skin and also my entire beauty routine.

Are you tempted to try A313 Pommade? What do you think of Retinols in general? Let me know!

x Bry Jaimea

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