3 Easy Ways to Remove Bad Juju from your Home

3 Easy Ways to Remove Bad Juju from your Home

Ever have those moments in your life where everything is utter chaos, and you’re just wading through the storm, eyes forward, pushing through until you reach the calm in the centre? I feel like that more often than not, despite my constant wishes for an easy life! The new year has definitely brought with it a storm or two, but no matter what time of the year, or time of your life, storms and bad energies are unpredictable, as is the drama they bring with them.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do our best from allowing that negative energy into our lives and our homes. Or at the very least, removing it from our homes should it decide to settle.

After Christmas and the New Year I have felt compelled to clean my home on a more vibrational level, clearing out the pockets of bad juju that weren't visible to the naked eye. Over the past week, I've slowly but surely been making my way through my flat clearing out not only leftover Christmas tatt, but all the leftover negativity from the previous year. Because, that stuff builds up! Sure, we can't see it, but we can always feel it - we all know and have experienced that feeling where we walk into a room that just feels wrong.

So I am putting things right.

We’ve spoken before about how we can use crystals to concentrate and amplify positive vibrations within our homes, but we still need to clear our homes from any negative vibrations that may be lurking and lingering – vibrations and energies preventing us from living our best lives.

Clearing our homes of negative energy is an incredibly simple practice and can be found in the spiritual practices of many cultures all across the world. The practice has been revived in recent years as we learn to realign our minds with our bodies with our emotions and with our spirits, and start living our lives in a more holistic manner.

There are several ways to clear out and remove bad energy from our homes and they’re all something you can do in your spare time, or in a few short minutes.

How to remove bad energy from your home and create a happier healthier environment for you and your family. Follow the ancient practices of sound, smudging, and feng shui to help remove negative energy from each room in your house to increase positivity and wellness. Use Sage, Palo Santo, Candles, Incense, music, and architectural designs to create a happier and healthier home with no bad vibes allowed via Pinterest @bryjaimea bryjaimea.com #wellness #design #witchcraft #zen #fengshui #badenergy #cleanse #cleaning #cleansing #vibrationalenergy #vibrations #energy

How to Remove Bad Energy from your Home

Smudge with Smoke

This technique has its most popular roots in Native American spirituality, however variations of it can be found throughout the world. In Native American culture typically a stick of Palo Santo, or a bundle of Sage, is used to perform this ritual, however it can be performed using any herbs (which are safe to burn!) native to where you live.

To remove bad energy using this method, simply light your bundle of herbs, Sage or Palo Santo, and then extinguish the flame. Now, walk through each room you want cleansed in a clockwise direction, focusing your thoughts on creating a healthy and positive space.

The smoky tendrils emanating from the snuffed bundle will help clear the home of negative and impure energies.

You can also use a white candle or your favourite incense to perform this cleansing ritual.

Rearrange with Feng Shui

Feng Shui made headlines back in the 90’s, and although it may not be as popular in western culture as it once was, it is still a powerful way to ensure the prevention of, and erasure of negative vibes throughout your home.  

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of designing and arranging spaces to ensure the positive flow of energy (chi).  This practice of arranging our spaces to create a more positive region, and to remove bad energy, is also practiced in Japan (known as Fusui) and in the Hindu culture (known as Vastu Shastra).

Unfortunately, to explain how to use these practices to create a more positive home would take an entire dedicated post! That being said, there are plenty of guides online which will be offer you far more indepth knowledge on these ancient practices, and I highly recommend some further research.

Sound it Out

Not one of us can deny the effect sound has on our lives, whether its sound pollution that causes us stress, our favourite song that brings us joy, or white noise to help us sleep.

Using sound to remove and realign negative energies is a practice found in most spiritual cultures. Whether you’re using bells, drums, chanting or clapping, using positive sound helps to break up or retune concentrated spaces of negative energy throughout our home.

If you find a room in your home that has built up negative energy, use drums or clapping to help break down the knot of energy causing your concerns – literally using sound to break it apart. Simply remember, at all times, to keep your mind focussed on white light and positive vibes.

However, if you want to prevent negative energy collecting in a space use wind chimes or bells to create a constant wave of bright and positive energy in the area.

Removing negative vibes, juju, or energy from our homes is easy, however it does take time as all rituals and practices do. Once you have cleansed a space of bad juju, once you have done a ritual to remove bad energy, I highly recommend using crystals, incense and essential oils to ensure the space retains its positive vibrations – you can read more about using crystals in your home here.

I truly believe we are, as humans, finally allowing ourselves to become more intune with not only our bodies but the spaces we live in, and so spending the time to ensure our homes are inundated with positive energy on a daily basis will not only have a positive effect on these spaces, but our own mind, bodies, and souls.

Do you regularly cleanse your home of negative energy? What practice do you prefer?

xx Bry Jaimea

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