Primark Beauty: Buy or Bye? 

Primark Beauty: Buy or Bye? 

It’s #SkincareSunday, so grab a cup of green tea, pop on a relaxing sheet mask, and let’s dive straight in to this weeks feature!

Hi everyone, this is me, and I would confess to being a skincare junkie, but y’all know that already. However, have you noticed that skincare can be super expensive? A simple sheetmask can be over £10 which considering you only get one use out of seems a bit steep, y’know?

That’s why this week I put Primark beauty to the test – skincare anyone can afford.

If you haven’t been to Primark lately, then I assume you’ve been tucked up in bed with this terrible cold that’s going around, because damn, Primark are not playing around!

Over the past couple of years, Primark has really been improving their game, and more often than not you’ll be seeing luxury dupes on Instagram courtesy of the latest Primark haul.

The past year specifically though, Primark has been putting a lot of effort into their makeup and beauty releases, which has even me, little miss “I don’t like to shop in real stores!” picking up an oversized grey basket to fill with beauty goodies.

It started with Insta Nails, a collection of false nails that were Insta-Worthy, and slowly progressed from there. One of their latest releases is a KKW Contour Kit dupe that is apparently pretty damn good (again, according to Instagram and Youtube).

But as we know, I’m not here for makeup: I’m here for fabulous skin.

Over the past few weeks, in my never-ending, self-declared, mission to bring you the best in skincare every week, I decided to try out some of the Primark beauty bits and bobs to see if they left my skin yay or nay.

After all, I have sensitive skin, and I am also very particular with what goes on my face. Trying out skincare products that were a pound or two each was going to be a risk for my skin – but surely such a large brand, with an international footprint, couldn’t release a product that was, to put it bluntly, shit.

Could they?

Over several mini-hauls (is £50 considered mini for Primark?) I collected a number of different skin treats that I have been relentlessly testing ever since.

So, because I know you’re all wanting to know whether or not to spend those hard earned pennies on your next Primark haul.

Primark Beauty: Buy 💷 or Bye? 👋

Micellar Cleansing Pads with Rose and Vitamin E

I was one of the first to jump onto the Micellar water band wagon when it pulled up into town, but swiftly jumped back off after it left my skin feeling bumpy, lumpy, and rather unpretty.

A few years have passed since, and so when I saw these pretty in pink micellar wipes with rose and vitamin e I figured, well, why not give them a try? Over the weekend, of course, when I’d have enough time to fix my skin should all lumpy hell break loose.

Thankfully, these wipes are just delicious! Soft, refreshing, easy to use, and with an elegant fragrance to boot! I use them to remove not only my makeup after work, but also to remove any gel or clay masks I’ve applied. Have them in a pre-soaked wipe also makes them incredibly convenient!

Buy or Bye? Definitely a Buy 💷

Clay Face Mask


So, YouTube and I have a fabulous relationship. I watch it every night before sleep, for about half an hour in bed, as a way to relax and switch off. I’m rewarded by being inspired by some absolutely stunning beauties and the need for a clay mask in my life was inspired by a video where a Beatuber was attempting Gritting (post on that to come…)

Interested in gritting myself, I decided that the next clay mask I saw would be mine, and low and behold, Primark delivered.

Although it says to only leave on for 15 minutes, I left my mask on long enough to cook some pasta in a creamy pesto sauce, and then eat it, before I finally got around the removing the grey film of my skin.

Even Ben noticed the difference in my skin after this mask: my skin was smooth and radiant, and looked visibly refreshed. Upon closer inspection I even noticed some impurities I had been worried about after several weeks of illness seemed less evident.

Buy or Bye: A very big Buy 💷

Cucumber & Green Tea Wake Up Face Mist

Does anyone else love the scent of green tea in skincare? Nothing says calming antioxidant beauty more so than green tea. So, of course when I saw this misting spray, I could resist but to buy this little gem!

I use this spray every morning to rehydrate my skin, prior to any other skin treatment, before my warm lemon water and vitamins, though after I check Instagram (I need to be inspired for the day) obviously. The fresh aroma of the spray, as well as the active ingredients, wake me, and my skin, up with a refreshed feeling ready to take on the day and ensure I’m fully hydrated.

And given I haven’t broken out at all despite its daily use? Well, why pay more when this product is clearly doing the trick.

Buy or Bye: Buy 💷

Cleansing Foam Bubble Mask

Foaming masks have been around for a while now, but this was the first time I’ve had a chance to use one! Seeing these available at Primark for only 80p made my heart skip a little and I grabbed two because I was sure I was going to love these.

Uh… No.

For me, applying a mask is a relaxing treatment and i carefully apply the mask evenly across my face. However, this foaming mask is almost impossible to apply evenly and because it starts foaming s it touches the skin you end up with a sense of urgency when applying it which is not relaxing.

It’s also really difficult to remove and left my skin feeling sticky for a long time afterwards before then turning horribly dry.

In all honesty, as much as I was excited by this mask, it really didn’t work for me. Though, it may work for you – my OCD likely just ruined the experience for me, so hey ho. But, personally for me:

Buy or Bye? Bye-bye! 👋

Skincare has a bad habit of being quite unaffordable for many people, so even if these products aren’t as rich in active ingredients, or luxurious, or as nicely packaged, as others on the market, Primark is making healthy skin affordable and obtainable for everyone.

And that’s kind of the point isn’t it? With Primark, you don’t need a lot of money to have healthy, beautiful skin.

So, as you can see, Primark really has taken the skincare game to a whole new level that I am sure has other high street retailers struggling to compete.

Now, with winter over and dandylions well and truly out in force, next time you’re in Primark buying your summer essentials, grab some of their skin treats too and have healthy, glowing skin all summer long.

Have you tried any Primark beauty? What is your favourite product?

xx Bry Jaimea