Practically Glam!

Practically Glam!

So, about a month ago I had a wee bit of a trip and completely busted my foot and my knee, because if I ever do anything, I never do it by halves. The bruise on my right knee was literally the size of both my hands together, and my left foot? Well, I’ve been limping ever since and wincing with cramps every hour or so. I kinda tripped and rolled over my foots whilst losing balance and being pulled back – not fun. I was also on my way up to Aberdeen for work, so kinda just had to suffer through it for the day, before I could go home and have a little cry.

Now, as we all know I am a diva in mah heels, and “flat shoes” are not something I do. Unfortunately for me, and my shoedrobe, when you’ve twisted your foot and are struggling to walk even the ten minutes from the train station to the office, you have to make sacrifices – and for me, that means buh-bye heels!

Thankfully, there’s plenty of cute trainers out there. I mean, there’s always cute trainers out there but I’ve normally been too busy strutting straight to the heel display to actually notice. Now though, well, they are first and foremost on my radar.

Before you get too concerned though – I am still rocking the pumps in the office. I may be in pain, but at least I’m in pain glamorously. Honestly, the sooner I am back in my heels the better, maybe not for my foot, but for my image (cause, y’know, girls got a reputation to keep!).

However until then I decided to share with you some of the trainers I have my eye on with one of those “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! But only until your foot is better…”

Though, given the fact it has been a month and I’m still limping, I’m starting to worry – what if this is it? What if I can never wear heels again? What if I have to walk down the aisle next July in … FLATS?!

And then I laugh and I laugh as I’d rather limp down the aisle in pain in a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo’s than wear flats on my special day.

Anyway, are you ready for some trainers (or sneakers as us aussies call them)? Are you ready to witness how my eccentric and statement heel obsession translates into more practical shoes?

Hai! Si! Ja! Hold Tight!


So, for a lady who doesn’t normally wear trainers, what do you think? Any of these tickle your toes and your fancy? Let me know in the comments!

xx Bry Jaimea

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