[WHAT’S INSIDE] Pink Parcel subscription box

[WHAT’S INSIDE] Pink Parcel subscription box

Imagine reclining upon your settee, dappled sunlight filtered through half drawn blinds, painting patchworks of light upon your pyjamas. You hold your cat upon your lap, where its warmth and lullful purring eases your cramps as your wait for the paracetamol to take effect. Upon your bosom rests a lukewarm cup of tea so that each comforting sip requires as little effort as possible as you curse the heavens your womanly affliction.

We all know this scene, we’ve all been there. The recurrence of the crimson Luna deluge is not an experience any woman enjoys, and knowing that we must suffer such inconvenience for a few decades of our lives is hardly a reassuring thought.

Cramps, mood swings, breakouts, ruining that really cute pair of panties you just bought, the fear of wearing anything white – it’s not a comfortable nor enjoyable experience.

By the way, to remove that horrid crimson curse from any piece of clothing requires nothing more than the hottest cycle in the wash – you’re welcome.

Washing tips aside, I was recently being haunted by the ghost of periods present, when Pink Parcel reached out to me asking me if I would be interested in reviewing their subscription box. Despite using Implanon, a form of birth control which ceases menstruation, I still experience irregular periods due to my food intolerances, and as such I happily accepted the offer so I could see for myself what it was all about.

See, I have known about Pink Parcel for a while now, but was never sure if it would be right for me. The concept is simple: once a month you receive a delightfully blush coloured box that contains the necessary sanitary products to get you through the messiest aspect of your cycle, a cute baggy to keep said products private within your purse, and a box full of goodies just for you.

These goodies are carefully selected to help raise your spirits during your period so you can distract yourself from whatever torment your body is putting you through merely because you had the audacity not to fall pregnant again. Shame on us! ?

A few days after the email, I received my box and opened it with curiosity, still unsure as to whether this box would suit my needs. Inside I found a selection of sanitary products from tampons, to night time pads and panty liners, all in ample number to get me through the week without that rushed trip to Tesco for supplies.

In addition to the practical treats, there was the box of goodies which I opened last – and what goodies they were!

From a bright rouge coloured lipstick by Jelly Pong Pong and my favourite Dr Botanicals Morrocan Rose Facial Oil, to chocolate coconut crisps and Rose tea, these treats covered everything I adored: – red lips, great skin, chocolate and tea, the perfect treats to help brighten my spirits.

Although initially unsure as to whether Pink Parcel would work for me, for £12.99 a month (or less if you choose a longer subscription) the ease of having everything I need for the month delivered to my door, and the joy of discovering new beauty treats to enjoy, I think Pink Parcel is definitely a subscription box for any woman preparing for Aunt Flows monthly visit. And if you are interested in subscribing to Pink Parcel, use code PP20 to receive 20% off your first parcel!

Have you subscribed to Pink Parcel? What do you think of the subscription box?

xx Bry Jaimea

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