Currently Coveting: La Vie En Rose

Currently Coveting: La Vie En Rose

Inspired by possibly one of my favourite songs, this months Currently Coveting is all about Primrose Pink which is yet another one of this seasons must have Pantones. Yes, this month we’re coveting pink boots!

I love pink (well, maybe not Barbie pink) and right now my wardrobe is full of it as I find it a perfect colour for winter. It pairs well with grey, dark reds, and cream which pretty makes up my entire winter wardrobe.

Now, typically when I post these it’s because I’ve already purchased a pair of boots from the list and am sharing the other options I was coveting. This month however, this is simply a wishlist. Living in Glasgow where it rains pretty much every day, a pair of pastel pink boots or shoes isn’t going to last very long.

It’s a practical choice, which is a first for me, I must admit.

It’s a practical choice, which is a first for me, I must admit. (Not really, after leaving London my footwear has had to take a massive turn towards the practical. It’s hard to wear stiletto heels on Glasgow’s lobsided pavements, and peeptoes in this weather? No way!)

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in and enjoy a pair of pink boots, right! Alternatively, we can just sit here and covet them together, the impossibly impractical yet pretty primrose!

Note: Originally this post was going to be about reclaiming pink and wearing it proudly as a strong, empowered woman without the negative connotations it’s gathered throughout the years, but I think that might be a post for another time.

La Vie En Rose: Pink Boots

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xx Bry Jaimea

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