La Vie En Rose Currently Coveting Shopping list and guide for pink boots Header via @BryJaimea
Fashion Style

Currently Coveting: La Vie En Rose

Inspired by possibly one of my favourite songs, this months Currently Coveting is all about Primrose Pink which is yet another one of this seasons must have Pantones. Yes, this month we’re coveting pink boots! I love pink (well, maybe not Barbie pink) and right now my wardrobe is full of it as I find …

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Brunch with bry jaimea cover
Life Update

Brunch with Bry Jaimea: October

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween! Is anybody else exhausted, cause this year is flying by and I’m about to get a serious case of whiplash. Tomorrow, all the spooky decorations we’ve been cooing over the past few weeks will be replaced with Christmas (or Thanksgiving, if you’re over in the US) décor. Pumpkin cupcakes will …

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Beauty Style

October Favourites: Hair Care

Earlier this year I had beautifully rich Auburn hair and I loved it. Like seriously, it was the most beautiful colour and it made my eyes sparkle, as hazel eyes tend to do against Auburn hair. However, after a whirlwind trip to Paris for my Birthday, I wanted to try something a little bit different, …

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Boost your immune system at home and beat colds and flus naturally Feature via @BryJaimea
Self Care Wellness

Bid Adieu to the Flu

If it’s not alliteration, its rhyme. I mean, I couldn’t name this post “F-You to the Flu” so, I went with the far more gentle option of “Bid Adieu to the Flu”. Either name used, I think it’s clear what we’re here to discuss today – boosting our immune systems in preparation for the winter …

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Reading in Heels All Grown Up Jami Attenberg via @BryJaimea (1)
Life Reading

Reading in Heels: All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg

I have always been an avid reader, however I tend to get distracted far too easily and forget about the whole reading thing. I’m a busy lady, y’know? It wasn’t always this way, of course. Once there was a time where I would always be enraptured by the fantastical worlds that surrounded me. I am …

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