My morning routine

My morning routine

Oh hi guys, notice anything different about the blog? I’m making a few aesthetic changes around the place – what do you think?

Anyway, remember back in this post when I discussed how to be a morning person? Yeah, that’s right – I am one of those annoyingly chirpy people who are up early in the morning, bright and happy, who magically seem to have their shit together.

Well, as the aforementioned post, uh, mentions, being a morning person is achievable by literally anyone with a few choice changes made to their usual routines.

But, one you’re up early, what then? You’ve got all this extra sunshine (or, if you’re in Scotland, y’know clouds) to play with – what are you going to do with it all? Well, I can’t really tell you what to do with your mornings, because that’s your beeswax, however, I can tell you what I do with mine!

Well… On the weekends anyway.

Onto the list!

Skin Care

The very first thing I do in the morning upon waking is get straight into my skincare routine. Although my nightly routine involves a plethora of items, my morning simply involves a serum, essence, and moisturiser with SPF (even if I have no plans to leave the house). Occasionally I’ll skip these, and just strut around the house in a coconut oil mask.

Vitamins and ACV

Now that my face is looking healthy, it’s time to get my body into action. I take several supplements to help support various functions throughout my body, and I wash these all down with 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar diluted in a cup of warm water. This rehydrates my body, jump starts my metabolism, and gets me ready for any action the day throws at me.

Green Tea

Y’all know how obsessed I am with green tea, right? Well, my day doesn’t truly start until I’ve had some of the green stuff!

Work Out

I typically don’t get hungry until quite late in the morning, so I jump on the cross trainer for a bit in the morning to help keep me active. The duration of this will vary but I try to get at least 30 minutes in before I go about my day.



If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know eggs and I are besties and so on the weekends poached eggs are my typical go to. Jam packed with protein, eggs help keep me fuller for longer and give me an amazing amount of energy to kick-start the day. If I don’t continue my love affair with eggs, I’m cheating on them with smoked salmon.


Ben and I tend to keep our flat in pretty good condition throughout the week, but there’s always something to be done on the weekends – i.e. fine tune cleaning. So, after breakfast it’s all about washing up, wiping down flat surfaces, spot cleaning, kitty litter, etc.

So, uh, that’s pretty boring isn’t it? Is your weekend morning routine a little bit more entertaining than mine? What’s your morning routine?



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