My Morning Routine (and why I’m never late!)

My Morning Routine (and why I’m never late!)

Hello my lovelies! How has everyone’s week been so far? I have been steamrolling my goals this week so am pretty damn happy with my efforts. Although, I haven’t been sleeping too well, which I’m just putting down to the seasonal shift and the facts the nights here in Scotland are already hitting single digits (and I still have my summer duvet on!)

Anyway, around this time last year, I posted about my morning routine and thought, one year later, why not revisit that old post and share with you what my morning routine looks like now. However, that old post was my morning routine on the weekend, and very little has changed in that respect.

So instead I thought, “Hey! Why don’t I share my morning routine on a work day!” and how I turn myself into a corporate superstar five days out of seven.

When I’m not blogging, I work full time in an office. I really enjoy working in an office for the most part, and the work that I do, so getting ready in the morning isn’t exactly a dramatic affair, whereby I throw myself to my knees, begging the universe why I’m being punished.

In fact, my morning routine is pretty quick and efficient and gets me off to the perfect start of the day, each and every day.

Yes, I am one of those horrible morning people!

Living in Scotland means that the days can vary dramatically in length between winter and summer, with winter getting maybe 6 hours of sunlight, and in summer, well, there was a few nights this year when the sun never truly set!

That’s why for me waking up with a well structured morning, allows my body and mind to start firing despite it being dark (or bright) outside.

This is my morning routine, and you’ll notice it’s fairly regimental.

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My Morning Routine


When my first alarm sounds, I reach into my bedside draw, pull out my LED mask, and relax and meditate for the next ten minutes beneath the purple lights.


My second alarm sounds, and I spend the next ten minutes catching up on what’s happened overnight. I check my social media for any mentions or interactions and respond as necessary.


My final alarm sounds and I pull myself out of bed. I mist my face with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, before pulling on my work clothes which I prepared the night before. I apply 5 drops of The Ordinary EUK 134 0.1% and massage this into my face using upwards strokes.


It’s time to pop on the kettle and clean my teeth. Once this is done, I then apply my moisturiser which is currently NUXE Crème Fraîche de Beauté Moisturiser. Whilst my moisturiser soaks in, I take my multivitamins and supplements which consist of a probiotic, fish oil, a collagen supplement and a few other things, washing these down with hot lemon water.

I think it’s important to get active the moment you’re out of bed, so these few minutes spent wandering from bathroom to kitchen to desk, to kitchen and back, keeps my body moving the entire time and helps my muscles wake up.


My teeth are clean, my skin is moisturised, which means it’s makeup time!

My makeup game is pretty simple thanks to my (obsessively) clear skin, so a lot of  time is saved in that respect. I apply a Makeup Revolution blush (I swear by their Golden Sugar Palette), followed by Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder translucent powder.

I use a lot of Makeup Revolution products I’ve just realised… I use their Fortune Favours the Brave palette to create a simple, brown eye (typically matte, but occasionally with shimmer) and then use their Brow Pomade in Auburn to structure my eyebrows for the day.

After a coat of Barry M Lash Saver Primer, and two coats of Essence The False Lashes Masacara*, and of course a swish of colour on my lips (either Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk or Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip in Happy Nude) my makeup is completed for the day.

*Seriously guys, if you’re not using an Essence mascara, you are missing out. Better than most High Street brands, and even better than anything I’ve tried from Benefit.


It’s time to tackle my hair, which honestly, is a complete disaster. I style my hair for the office either in a bun, or in a low chignon with a side part because that’d pretty much my peak level of hair styling skill.

Because my hair a complete birds nest most of the time, I use either L’Oreal Stylista The Sleek Serum, or NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil to smooth down any flyaways/frizz/unexpected curl. Both work well, though L’Oreal demands a hair wash that evening, and NUXE not so much (and it smells prettier, too).


It’s now clock-watching time as I leave in 5 minutes. It’s time to ensure I have my heels for the day packed into my handbag, alongside my glasses, my lipstick choice of the day, and any other sundries I may need (tampons. You know I mean tampons.)

Normally, these are already packed into my handbag (which is typically one of my Ted Baker bags because #Obsessed) the previous evening (with the exception of the lipstick), simply as a time saver.

I wash Maia’s food bowl, and top up her food for the day also, and see if she’s available for a super quick cuddle. At this time in the morning, she’s probably hanging out on the windowsill, watching over the birds feeding in the backyard and talking to herself, in that cute little way cats do when they want to eat something that flies.


Anyway, it’s time to leave the house! On my way to do the door I slip on a pair of shoes suitable for walking in, grab my keys and off I go! After locking up for the day, my headphones go on and it’s time to get my brain into gear with a Podcast or two on the way to work.

By 0900, I’m in the office and ready to take on the day!

And now… Why I’m never late

Does this sound any different to your mornings?

The one thing benefiting my routine is organisation: everything is where it should be. My clothes have been washed and hung up to dry over the weekend so are ready to pull on. I shower and wash my hair of an evening, and my metabolism doesn’t start til about 11am, when I’m in the office and can treat my belly with some nourishment. In the morning I can rely solely on muscle memory to get me through my routine and out the door.

The other thing that is essential to my stress-free morning is time management. It’s important to know how long it takes me to complete each aspect of getting ready. For example, 5 minutes to do my hair, 10 minutes for makeup, etc.

Knowing how long everything individual task takes, means I can reorganise my mornings appropriately. If I add a liquid foundation or tinted moisturiser to my makeup I know I have to add an extra five minutes (because I am not good at makeup tbh), and get up earlier. If I have to iron my skirt? That’s another 10 minutes! Dry brushing? 5 minutes.

And so on.

Knowing how long it takes me to do anything from applying lipstick, to making a cup of tea, means I can allow adequate time for them, to ensure I’m not rushing or worried about time. It means I can personalise my routine every morning, sleeping in, or getting up earlier, knowing what how much time I have and what needs to be done within that time.

Now, this isn’t some superhuman ability to manipulate and manage time (though I think Ben suspects as much…) it’s simply habit and observation.

See, I find people who are bad at time management simply haven’t identified how long it takes them to do any specific action. For example, they think they’re only in the shower for 5 minutes, but it’s actually 15! If you not only understand your own sense of timing, but become intimate with it, your mornings will run smoothly, and you’ll be better able to manage your time so that you’re never running late.

Next time you’re getting ready in the morning start timing yourself, and figuring out exactly how long it takes you to do what it is you do – from cleaning your teeth, to showering, to dry brushing. Once you know how long it takes to do each task, you’ll be able to better structure your routine, build in changes and make adaptions without ruining your time keeping. If you know how long it really takes you to get ready, you’ll never be late again!

After all, being late is the worst!

So, what does your morning routine look like? Are you a morning person?

xx Bry Jaimea

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