We’re off to London! Outfit inspiration

We’re off to London! Outfit inspiration

Tomorrow, Ben and I jet off to London for three days! I’m so excited!

London is one of my favourite cities. The first time I visited London almost 4 years was the first time in my life I truly felt like I belonged - it’s why I moved there 6 months later! It reminds me a lot of Sydney, but bigger and every chance I get to visit the metropolis - I’m there!

I only spent 11 months in London before I relocated to Glasgow, but those were some of the most fun filled, exciting months of my 30’s. Although many believe London to be a miasma or grey and misery, to me the city evokes memories of large, verdant parks surrounded by an array of blossoming beauties, of friendly folk always ready for fun, and of lazy afternoons spent beside the River Thames, enjoying wine and gossip with good friends.

But my love of London aside, our reasons for visiting the city are both business and pleasure, because we all know me and my inability to stop working! On the Saturday whilst we’re there,, Ben is attending a gig at Victoria Park to see his favourite band The National, and I will be attending BlogConLDN 2018! We had actually booked our flights and accommodation prior to me finding out about the conference too, so it was definitely one of those “meant to be” situations. I’m really excited to attend some of the workshops, and hopefully meet some of the bloggers I admire.

As we’re there for three days, the Friday and the Sunday will mainly be spent exploring the town, and spending time with our friends who live just outside the city. It also means I of course had to figure out what to wear! Planning three outfits for the weekend may not seem like a hefty task, and it truly isn’t, but I thought I would share my outfits with you none the less, because, well, why not?

Inspired by the floral displays all throughout London at the moment, and by its parks which I simply adore, I am taking three floral blouses with me, which are perfect for the warm weather we’ll be expecting whilst there. I’ll be pairing these with a pair of cornflower blue jeans, a small woven straw bag, and more importantly - a little bit of bling.

iKrush Rose Gold Flatforms (1)

These rose gold, sparkling, sandals were gifted to me from iKrush, and are my favourite sandals in rotation right now.  They are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of non-heels I own (they’re a flatform) and considering how much walking we’ll be doing over the weekend, comfort is essential.

iKrush Rose Gold Flatforms (3)

Sparkling shoes are an easy and accessible way to glam up any outfit, even a pair of jeans, and to me I think are a wardrobe essential. Not only are sparkling shoes a bit glam, they’re also a statement piece and what outfit is complete without a statement piece!

iKrush Rose Gold Flatforms (2)

So if you’re in London over the weekend and see a pair of sparkling sandals, strutting through the streets of London - be sure to come up and say hello!

xx Bry Jaimea

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