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July Update & Free Printables

Oh Hi, July!

Well, we are officially mid-way through the year – scary isn’t it?

We’re also one month into Summer – only two months to go til Autumn! Hooray!

I know, I know, a lot of people love summer, but me and summer just don’t see eye to eye, so I’m already prepping for the cooler months (not that it ever gets particularly warm here in Scotland!).

If you’re an avid shopper like myself, you’ll have noted that the Summer Sales have started, and that is a season I can get behind! I am always shopping the sales, and I mentioned in this post that I typically buy everything when it’s been discounted.

Now, although it’s the summer sales, there’s still a lot of last season’s winter stock lying around and that stuff is heavily discounted as the stores try to get rid of it to make room for this year’s winter stock.

This means if you love winter as much as I do – get shopping!

But seriously, when do beanies, scarves, gloves or boots go out of style? Buying winter clothing in the middle of summer makes good fiscal sense, so if you’re ever wondering if you really need that cape in the middle of July, just come back here to know that yes, yes you do and it’s a responsible financial decision.

Anyway, shopping the sales aside, the end of June signifies a lot of goodness coming to fruition in my life and finally, after 18 months in Scotland, finding some stability.

June has been an incredibly busy and exciting month for me actually, so I am absolutely grateful for my forward planning for the month regarding my Surviving Summer series, or I’d not have had the time to post anything! But, it also means I’m not so prepared for the month of July – Oops!

However, I do have some great things coming up this month regarding skincare, DIY (including how to unclog a block loo and hang floating shelves) and some tails of travel and exploration! Oh, and recipes. There’s always recipes!

In fact, I’m going to be introducing Ben to the Aussie tradition of Christmas in July and will be using this opportunity to prepare my Christmas recipes to be posted in December. Sure, I am getting a wee bit ahead of myself in pre-emptively preparing festive recipes, but at least you know that I am thinking ahead and that unlike last year where Christmas snuck up on me – this year I am grabbing it by the horns, or uh, antlers.

Now, in my monthly posts, I usually do a bit of a month in review, but although June was a busy month, not a lot actually happened that I can report on: I bought some shoes, I found some amazing skincare products, and Maia has been moodier than usual.

By the way, have you signed up to my newsletter Brunch with Bry Jaimea?

I’m launching the Newsletter this month and each week you’ll receive an update on what’s been happening, an insight into upcoming content and a free printable. In fact, you’ll get a set of free printables just for signing up – who doesn’t like free stuff?

So, with all that aside, let’s just bring on July and see what amazing things it has to offer us!


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  • I’ve bought a few things from the amazing New Look sale and also had a great haul from my monthly charity shop swish (a dress, two skirts and a top for about £15 total). I like the summer but I’m much more of a cooler weather lass as well. Winter clothes are so much nicer than summer ones, in my opinion, but I won’t be wishing the summer away as I have a few things to look forward to which would be better with clement weather.

    • I love New Look sales, and am taking this comment as a sign my shopping cart with additional sale items should be checked out sooner rather than later (only one pair of shoes this time, but some cute homewares to zhoosh it up a little).
      I don’t have much to look forward to this summer, but after spending 31 years in the land of eternal summer, I think I’m just exhausted by it all, tbh.