Brunch with Bry Jaimea: January Update

Brunch with Bry Jaimea: January Update

January is the longest month of the year.

Maybe not quite literally, but considering it’s been a while since we were all paid (i.e. before Christmas), the whole “Blue Monday” thing, and having no more reason to have fairy lights littered throughout our homes, it’s easy to see why January is just the worst.

However, January is almost over and in one months’ time (meteorologically speaking) spring will be upon us. Typically a winter person, I am finding myself quite excited for the Spring this year. There’s just something about watching batches of daffodils poke their heads above ground, reminding us of the brightness to come, and the blossoming blues and lilacs of wildflowers!

Of course, those budding, blossoming, blooms are still a few weeks away, but I think I’m allowed to get a little bit excited, a little bit early.

Singin’ the winter blues

I guess this winter is actually the first winter I’ve suffered from SAD, despite having been here for three years now. I have found myself growing restless at the early nights and late mornings, and although I love the cold, the snow, the rain, these loves contrast too highly against my looming electricity bill (blankets can only do so much).

Perhaps though, this restlessness has been due to our impending move, which takes place next week. I am a person who once they make a decision, they take action immediately, and so waiting, waiting, waiting, until we can move is quite frustrating!

However, once we have moved I am sure I’ll be able to settle into a new routine, a better routine, and the restlessness will be a thing of the past.

January has also been quite an introspective month for me as I have come to terms with my diminished confidence, and seemingly lack of control over my own life. Though the two are interwoven, and each has effected the other, I am finding a way to untangle the two, to straighten them out, and remove these negatives from my life.

I’m remembering what it is to be me before 2017 happened, and re-engaging with that part of my self.

An overview of January

Throughout the past month there’s been very little of note or activity due to severe weather conditions here in Glasgow, including lots and lots of snow! Plans have been cancelled left, right, and centre yet we can’t blame those entirely on the weather – the move has also caused some events to be declined.

Despite January being a slow month for my life, it was a huge month for the blog! Over the past 30 days I’ve seen an overwhelming increase in traffic and followers on Twitter. To my new readers I want to say a big hello and also thank you for visiting! Feel free to comment as much as you want on my posts by the way, I love hearing your thoughts! To my regular readers – I still love you all x

So, January aside, what do I have in store for the blog this February?


What’s coming in February

The first Tuesday of each month is dedicated to shoes, and February’s shoes as inspired by Valentine’s day – that is to say, shoes to be worn whether married, single, dating or indifferent! Who needs an excuse or reason to wear pretty shoes after all? Expect pink. Lots of pink!

There will also be some posts regarding my latest beauty purchases, such as an amazing purple LED mask that is curing my life (hyperbole intended), as well as exploring the month’s Glossy Box (which I am thoroughly addicted to!)

Regarding wellness and life oriented posts, I am planning to explore with you the “secret” to my success and how I manage any situation that isn’t quite going my way. Prior to 2017 I was a #boss and in 2018 I am reclaiming my title, and this “secret” is how I plan to do it.

Also, and this is very exciting, I will be meeting up with some fellow Glasgow bloggers tonight for a glass of wine (or two) and I am sure there’ll be a story or two to tell from that adventure – in fact, it’s going to be a great way to introduce you to some blogs you may be unfamiliar with!

All in all, February is shaping up to be an amazing month and I am beyond thrilled to be sharing it with you all.

So – what are you plans for February?

xx Bry Jaimea

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