Is blogging dead? I’m not so sure…

Is blogging dead? I’m not so sure…


In 2011 books were declared dead, when Amazon released their Kindle, an e-reader. Bookstores all around the world prepared to close their doors for the final time, and large bookstores quickly sold up and left the brick and mortar retail marketplace.

I was quick to jump on the Kindle trend as my book collection was quite substantial, and taking up a lot of room. A kindle meant I could keep everything all in a nice, neat, little place.

A year or so later I gave it away, and started buying proper, real, books again.

When I look at the beautiful photos of my fellow bloggers, these photos don’t show their e-readers, they show their beautifully and artfully displayed bookshelves, teeming with… books.

Books aren’t dead and they were never truly under threat. What we all witnessed was a knee jerk reaction to a new technology, a new product that we thought would replace the need for physical, paper and print reading materials.

In 2017 Amazon opened its flagship brick and mortar, flagship bookstore.

So, is blogging dead?

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There’s been a lot of conversation amongst bloggers recently around the future of blogging, asking the question: is blogging dead? Many have declared that blogging as a platform is dead, and that the future of social influencing lies in Youtube and Instagram.

Because, with so many influencers having thousands if not millions of followers on the above platforms, and with some bloggers page views are at an all-time low, blogging must be dead, right?


Blogging has simply become an industry and what industry isn’t competitive?

To be successful in any industry you have to be competitive and more importantly adaptable. Even McDonalds had to adapt, and start adding healthier options to their menus as their consumers started wanting healthier options - how else were they to compete with healthier food places such as Subway?

In an industry where there are literally millions of competitors, as bloggers we have to be adaptable. Our blogs are only as relevant as our content, and our content is only as relevant as the needs and wants of our reader. This doesn’t mean we have to start Vlogging, it just means we need to review our content.

For example, if your blog is all about Britney Spears, your readership will only exist for as long as they’re interested in Britney Spears, and your views will diminish alongside her fandom.

Sure, a post about our top 5 Britney Spears songs might be fun to write, but if we’re wanting to become an influencer, to turn our blog into a brand or business, then we have to create the content not only our current readers want, but content that will entice new readers to follow us.

If we have a small niche, then we will only ever have a small readership. If you want to grow, to attract new readers, then your content has to grow in line with these readers expectations, wants and needs.

If your content isn’t changing, if your blog isn’t growing, that doesn’t mean blogging as a whole is dead, it simply means you have to adapt.

Blogging isn't dead, ok?

See, every person, every reader and consumer, wants their information in different ways. Every one learns differently. And that is why blogging, as a platform, will never die, because there will always be someone who wants to read a product review, as opposed to watch a product review. There will always be someone who wants to read your travel guide, not watch your Instastories. We just need to make sure we have content they want to read!

Declaring blogging as “dead” is knee jerk reaction – plain and simple.

There is always an audience, always a consumer.

People will always want Big Macs, but there’s just as many people who will always want salads.

Remember when CD’s came out and the vinyl was declared dead? I can tell you right now that Ben and I have a healthy vinyl collection at home, and most of my work on the blog is done whilst listening to Edith Piaf, on vinyl, me flipping sides every 20 or so minutes.

Just like books never died, just like vinyls never died, blogging ain’t going anywhere.

xx Bry Jaimea

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