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How to improve Pinterest reach quickly

One quick trick to boost and improve your pinterest reach easily and organically via @BryJaimea (1)One quick trick to boost and improve your pinterest reach easily and organically via @BryJaimea (1)I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired this week (still dreaming of Paris, tbh) so thought I’d share this one small win with you! Small wins help keep us all motivated when trying to accomplish our goals, and although it may not seem impressive to all, these small wins are still important. So, today we’re discussing how to improve Pinterest reach quickly.

If you’re a blogger you know that Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic to your site, and is in fact mot bloggers main source of traffic. As the platform is essentially a visual search engine, it is essential to have your Pinterest game on point with visually arresting pins, clickable content, and of course repining related content.

As a “new blogger” (well, I’ve been blogging for a decade, but I’ve only just started taking it seriously) building a social media following and audience can seem daunting if not overwhelming,  especially when you not only need to have a healthy Pinterest following, but also Instagram and Twitter.

I can’t help you with Instagram or Twitter, but right now I can help you with growing your Pinterest following with one tiny little change that will take you less than a minute to do.

After making this small change a few weeks ago I have since gained at least 100 new followers every day. I had a static 55 followers 2 weeks ago, and am currently sitting at 1600. I am not using Tailwind or any other app or widget, and am pinning about 10 pins a day, but my followers are still steadily growing.

How did I manage this?


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Hot to improve Pinterest Reach quickly


Bry Jaimea Pinterest old improve Pinterest Reach quickly

Rather than having my Pinterest business name as simply “Bry Jaimea” (as shown above) I changed it to “Bry Jaimea | Food Lifestyle Style Blogger”. Since making this small change, my following has grown every single day:


Bry Jaimea Pinterest improve Pinterest Reach quickly

If you go into your Pinterest Settings, and scroll down to Business Name, this is where you can make your change.

The reason why this works is that many Pinners search for other Pinners to follow by typing in search terms, such as “Style Blogger” or “Food Blogger”. Because Pinterest is at heart a search enginge, this means anyone with “Style Blogger” or “Food Blogger” in their display name will show up in the search results.

Food Blogger

And if you’re now appearing in more search results, you’re now visible to more people and will gain more followers.

Of course, it’s still essential that you pin regularly, pining your own content, and re-pinning others, but if you want to have your profile and boards found, this small change is a no-brainer.

It may seem like a simple trick, but it’s not really– it’s a strategy, and it works.

Good luck fellow Pinners!