What I’m Watching: October

What I’m Watching: October

This month on What I’m Watching we see the return of a guilty pleasure, a new discovery from Netflix, and a.. Uh… new Discovery.

Yes, it’s that time of the year, my favourite time of the year (ok, not really but in terms of tv it is) where my favourite shows come back on air and new shows are unleashed upon the world! Just in time to get all cosied up with the darker weather, no less.

After all, is there anything more perfect than nursing a hot cup of tea, buried beneath a fluffy blanket whilst watching an endless parade of your favourite TV shows? They might call it binge watching, but I call it “being entertained”.

That being said, my life does get a lot more active in the cooler months. Gone is the fear of a unintentional tanning and exposed tuckshop lady arms (mine, not anyone else’s)! It’s the season for long sleeves, deep hues and colourful leaves crunching underneath boots!

Although, I live in Glasgow so our colourful leaves are soggy more often than not so…

Onto this months list!


This show is such a guilty pleasure! The acting is terrible. The script is terrible. The characters are terrible. However, I can’t not watch it, and Queen Cheryl is amazing.

This season, so far, it looks as though they have given up on Archie’s fledgling music career which was honestly the most eyeroll inducing aspect of the first season. However, just like the first season, there’s plenty of drama and dramatics, Veronica being annoying, and JugHead being weird, a weirdo.

For me however the parents and their stories is far more entertaining than Archie and whatever the teenagers are getting up to (like really confusing shower-sex scenes. Who the fuck wears a pearl necklace and bracelet in a shower? Let a boy mourn, Veronica!!). I want to know more about Betty’s mums history on the South Side, I want to Hermione to smack Veronica upside the head verbally!

Anyhoo, on an even more exciting note- something wicked this way comes and we’ll finally be seeing Sabrina in Season 2.5!

The Good Place

I actually only found out about this show a couple of weeks ago when Netflix suggested it to me, and it is currently airing Season 2: it is such a fun and easy watch, I binged the whole first season over two days during my recent break.

The premise is set in “The Good Place”, you know, the place we all hope to go after we die! It’s heavy on metaphysical beings, ethics, party planning, pretty visuals and fun – who could ask for more from a TV show?

If you’re like me and like your comedy a little bit weird, then this one is for you!

Star Trek: Discovery

We all know how fond I am of Star Trek, and so needless to say I was very much looking forward to this release. Yet, episode 1 and 2 left me disappointed – the protagonist was incredibly unlikable and I just. didn’t. care.

However, I persevered and continued to watch and it was more than worth the effort!

This show is visually spectacular, has mystery and mayhem, and characters that even after so few episodes are already quite developed in their relationships.

See, most of the older Treks all start at the beginning of a crew’s journey together, whereas on Discovery they’ve already been working together for 6 months. It provides a different view, a different form of characterisation which I think sets this Trek apart.

It is also breaking boundaries with the characters themselves thanks to characters such as Tyler, Tilly, Stamets, and even Lorca to an extent. I won’t spoil anything here in regards to this, but it helps appeal Trek to a much broader audience than previously.

If you have been umming and ahing over watching this, I highly recommend it – with strong scripts, acting and visuals it leaves very little to be disappointed by… if you can get through the first two episodes and still muster up the strength to care.

As gorgeous as this is though, I’m still bitter though we didn’t find out what happened after the Dominion War in DS9 and Janeway going all renegade in Voyager. I feel there was so much more to explore in that Trek-verse, however am still thoroughly enjoying this reboot.

What are you watching this month? What shows are back that you’ve been missing, or what new shoes have you discovered?

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