5 ways to support your favourite blog

5 ways to support your favourite blog

I am starting to think that this cold and I have formed a symbiotic relationship. It’s now with me forever, I fear, demanding menthol lozenges and spoonfuls of honey every hour or so.

But anyway, we’re not here to discuss my health - we’re here to discuss cheerleading!

Whether you’re a blogger or a reader, chances are you have a blogger whom you simply adore. You follow all their socials, and look forward to their content going live. They may be fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, or any other niche of blogger – but no matter who they are, or what they write about, you just love their content.

But… Do they know you love their content? Do they know they’re your favourite blog?

Although bloggers and content creators love to write and uh, create content, it’s a time consuming process and although they may or may not be getting paid for it, it’s essentially one hell of a fantastic job.

However, there is a lot of negativity in the bloggersphere, as there is in any online community, and it is very easy for a blogger to feel overwhelmed, and start to feel unappreciated by not only their peers, but also their readers.

See, blogging isn’t like a typical 9-5 job - there’s no review process with KPI’s, there’s no manager to tell you you’re doing a great job. This means it’s very easy to start doubting yourself and your content, and perhaps even losing inspiration or the drive to create.

That’s why I think it’s important for both fellow bloggers and readers to support their favourite blog and blogger. I’ve spoken before how I aim to promote and encourage all people to accomplish their goals and ambitions, and this forms a part of that.

I have so many bloggers that I love, and I am pretty sure they know how much I appreciate the time and the effort they put into their work. Whether I am commenting on their blogs, engaging with them on social media, or simply clicking “like”, each of these actions help boost their mood and contribute towards an encouraging environment for them.

And whenever I receive a comment or a like on my post? A retweet or a new follower? It’s what encourages me to sit down at my desk, and type up content, despite still being under the weather.

There are so many ways to show your support, to offer encouragement, and to let your fave know that they’re pretty amazing, it is honestly as easy as a click!

Below I have listed five easy ways to be positive and supportive towards your favourite bloggers, and hopefully you’ll be feeling inspired yourself!

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5 ways to support your favourite blog


Subscribing to your favourite blogs is probably the easiest way to show your support. Every blogger has multiple ways that you can subscribe in order to keep up with new content – Email, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin’, etc.

If you love what you’re reading, following the blog and blogger on any of these platforms is a great way to let the blogger know that they’re appreciated. The number of followers a blogger has on social media not only encourages the work they do, but also opens them up to opportunity to work with brands!


A lot of people don’t comment on blog posts due to not being able to log in, or other technical issues. However, just because you can’t comment on their blog, you can still tweet or email the blogger the show your appreciation of their work and thoughts.

If you have the time, making the effort to leave a comment, even if it’s saying “I love your blog!” is a sure fire way to boost the blogger and ensure they are inspired to keep on keeping on with their content.


Whether they’re blogging as a hobby, or as a business, most blogs contains affiliate links, advertising and sponsored posts.

These are essentially clickable content which helps generate revenue for the blogger: when you click on affiliate links, the blogger earns a small amount of money, and if you buy the product they can earn even more. See my OOTD to the right? Those are affiliate links!

Many bloggers rely on affiliate sales, advertising, and sponsored posts either as their sole income or as supplementary income. Either way, clicking on links will help keep your blogger in the business!


A lot of blog posts will have sharing buttons either at the side, or the bottom, of the post which makes sharing the content easy and accessible. Many blogs also include Pinable images within the content to encourage sharing.

When a blog post resonates with you, if you think it’s useful, or you just plain ol’ love the content, sharing the blog post on social media channels is a great way to drive more traffic to the blog, encourage people to share your passion for the content and engage new readers.


Bloggers are creative sorts, so many bloggers will have written books, have a branded product, or have an Etsy store.

Chances are if you love their blog then you’ll love the products they’re creating, so purchasing their book, their art, or whatever else they’re creating will also encourage them to continue to pursue their creative pursuits. Now, this isn’t a “you must buy their stuff!” but more a gentle suggestion to check out what they’ve got on offer.

Alternatively, those affiliate sales will also help!

What do you think of my suggestions? How do you support your favourite bloggers?

xx Bry Jaimea

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