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One Quick Trick to Prevent Chaffing

One quick trick to prevent chaffind and chub rub @BryJaimea

Summer has struck Glasgow, so it’s time for the dresses to come out of hibernation, the tights to be packed away, and my opalescent legs to reflect the sunlight, blinding passer-by’s with the glare.

However, as wonderful as that sounds it also means the one summer curse we don’t like talking about: Chaffing.

Any person with thighs and a propensity for skirts or dresses is more than familiar with thigh chaffing, more affectionately known as Chub Rub.

No matter your size, shape, if your thighs touch then you’ll know what I’m talking about! That burning, itchy, aching sensation caused by sweaty thighs rubbing together. It’s such a horrible feeling, it makes people run from skirts in fear come warmer weather, or causes us all to walk like cowboys.

Luckily though, there’s a very quick, simple, easy, cheap, solution to preventing chub rub that doesn’t involve shorts, tights, oversized-undies or anything else even remotely along those lines.

All you need to prevent Chub Rub?

Roll-on Antiperspirant!

Before you head outdoors and into the perspiration inducing heat, apply antiperspirant to the area of your thighs that tend to chaff, and voila – no more chub rub, as your thighs won’t sweat, but will simply glide across each other throughout the day.

Who would have thought such an annoyance could be so easily remedied!

Do you have a quick trick for beating Chub Rub? Are you looking forward to summer? Let me know in the comments!


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  • There’s an awesome product called Bodyglide that works awesome and is no scent and you can’t even feel it on! Lasts a whole day even if you sweat 🙂

    • Just googled it – It’s available on for £10 D: Can’t get it in any of the stores here though, I think the UK lives in denial of Summer hahaha