Spring Clean your Beauty Routine!

Spring Clean your Beauty Routine!

How to spring clean your beauty routine, prepare for spring with these tips, tricks and hacks Pinterest via @BryJaimea bryjaimea.com #beauty #skincare #spf #sunprotection #springbeauty #beauty #makeup #cosmetics #blogger #blogging #tips #tricks #hacksIt’s almost spring, and I am so excited.

I’ve already purchased some new seasonal shoes and bags, and now I’m just watching out the window, waiting for that spring sun to start shining! See these shoes below? Yep, these are going to be my spring staples this year because I am in love.

Now, unless you live in a world that involves travelling regularly for business or leisure, or, unless you live above the Tweed Heads in Australia, Spring will seem almost a lifetime ago. In fact, it may have seemed so long ago you have forgotten just how much life changes come the season shift into warmer weather.

Spring brings back beer gardens, picnics, and adventures. Wild flowers are starting to blossom, and daffodils are already for sale £1 a bunch from supermarkets. Spring and summer fashion is filling the racks tempting us with forsaking our wintery attempts at a capsule wardrobe, and chub rub is a threat to us all (seriously, read here on how to prevent it from ever afflicting you again. You’re welcome.)

Sure, the forecast here in Glasgow predicts snow next week, but that’s on Wednesday, the last day of meteorological winter, so I think we’ll let that one pass. But come Thursday it’s time to break out of the blankets, and welcome sunshine back into our lives (unless of course you live in Glasgow, obvs).

Although you’d think the transition from winter to spring would be a piece of cake, there’s probably a lot of spring things you’ve completely forgotten to prepare for. And that’s why I am here, because I’ve got your back, and I will ensure you step forward into spring looking and feeling amazing.

Below you’ll find five gentle reminders, five ways to ensure you’re prepared for the warmer weather ahead. Are you ready for spring?

How to spring clean your beauty routine, prepare for spring with these tips, tricks and hacks Pinterest via @BryJaimea bryjaimea.com #beauty #skincare #spf #sunprotection #springbeauty #beauty #makeup #cosmetics #blogger #blogging #tips #tricks #hacks

5 ways to prepare for spring


If your foundation doesn’t contain an SPF over 30+ then you need a new foundation! Protection from the sun is essential to ensure healthy skin, and now we’re all going to be spending much more time outdoors, it’s time to up our SPF game.

Even if you’re spending the day inside, SPF is an essential part of your routine as if you’re near any windows, the sun’s harmful UV rays can still cause skin damage.

Most foundations and BB Creams (especially Korean beauty) have SPF in them, however, spritzing a light mist of sunscreen over your makeup is a great way to double down on protection.



Chances are you’ve got a pair of cute summer heels sitting in your wardrobe, just begging to be worn the second the sun is out and the temperature hits double digits. Your feet are probably silky soft from wearing comfy socks all winter, however remnants of last summer’s nail polish are probably still lurking on one or two toes.

Now is the perfect opportunity to grab a couple of cute new nail polish colours, and prep those toes for display. Or, alternatively, treat yourself and get a foot massage and pedicure. You deserve it!

It’s also a great time to do a foot peel which is exactly as gross (and fun!) as it sounds. These can be bought affordably enough off eBay and consist of little plastic bag booties which cover your feet and contain and exfoliating agent. Within a week all the dead skin on your feet will peel off and you’ll be left with smooth, spring ready feet.

Also, get yourself some foot deodorant because warm weather can mean sweaty feet and sweaty feet means funky odours. Yes, foot deodorant is a thing, and yes, it has saved many nostrils from nasty offences.



Red, itchy, swollen, watery eyes doesn’t befit anyone and so If you’re like me then anti-histamine will become a handbag essential soon enough.

I’d never actually experienced hayfever until I moved to London, where the pollen from the ghastly trees that line almost every street caused me to develop a rash. I now keep antihistamines on me at all times just in case although my body seems to prefer the Scottish flora, to the English.

Now, you may not have had any negative reactions in the past to the local flora, however as our bodies and immune systems are constantly changing, it’s always handy to have these around just in case.

Again, red, itchy, watery eyes, and rashes in general, aren’t fun.

Speaking of eyes…

Protect your eyes

Sunglasses are a must have for spring, but ensuring you’re purchasing the right ones will go a long way. Sunglasses which protect again both UVA and UVB light will protect not only the fragile skin around your eyes, but your eyes themselves.

Without protection against the harsh light of spring and summer, you’ll find yourself squinting at everything which will of course help increase the likelihood of fine lines and wrinkles. So adding an eye cream to your beauty routine for spring will be of great benefit to your skin!


And finally…


Harsh winds, snow, cold, and dry heat from radiators has caused your skin to build a defence against the dark wintery arts. By using a gentle exfoliating scrub, you’ll be able to slough away the damage caused by winter to reveal beautiful, spring ready skin beneath!

Now, just remember that SPF!


Guys, although it’s mentioned above I thought I’d mention it again because it’s hella important – ensure you have a full arsenal of SPF at your disposal. As an Australian I have been raised aware of just how damaging the sun is on our skin, and have known far too many people affected by skin cancer.

Yes you may live in a city like Glasgow where people forget the sun even exists, but harmful rays penetrate clouds, and so as long as you’re outside, even on an overcast day, ensuring your skin is protected is essential.

It is so important to me that you are all protecting yourselves this spring and summer.

So, how are you prepping for Spring?

xx Bry Jaimea

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