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Hello Autumn, Dear Old Friend 🍂

Well, that’s summer out of the way – who’s ready for Autumn?

The leaves here in Glasgow are already changing colours, providing an absolute rainbow of scenery on my daily commute, and the vivid red berries and rosehips that signal the changing of the seasons are already on full display.

I even saw a fox whilst out for a walk the other night with Ben, and in my mind, Foxes are only ever out and about come Autumn and Winter!

Although in Scotland we don’t really get summer, this year the season was even more subdue than usual with barely a day peaking over 25C – which I am more than fine with, preferring cooler temperatures (and the boots and beanies to go with it!).

August was an interesting month for me, when I wasn’t counting down the days til Autumn, obviously, and it’ll be forever remembered as the month that essentially made me rethink my health.

I’ve isolated further food intolerances including all alcohol (not just wine) as well as potatoes. My food intolerances are now at the point that maintaining the recipe section of the blog is no longer a viable option, and so no new recipes are going to be posted, unless they’re really good (and I remember to take photos…)

As well as the food intolerances, I have been monitoring my mental health far more than usual, given my admission that actually I do suffer from depression. Admitting this rather small thing has actually had a huge impact in my life, as it means I am now able to manage it in a far more open manner, which, you know, helps.

But August and summer both aside, let’s look forward to Autumn and the onset of the darker days and colder months. My wardrobe has always had a very healthy winter warmers section, but this is being boosted this year with these boots which I’ll be ordering soon:

As well as a bit of retail therapy, comforting foods are already starting to be cooked and each weekend there’s pie, lasagnes, soups or stews being made which are always so relaxing to prepare and cook. Of course this means extra time on the cross-trainer, but nothing warms my little heart more than a mug of soup, or some creamy pasta!

In addition to preparing for Autumn, Ben and I are off to Berlin at the end of the month for a week to celebrate Ben’s birthday! A dear friend of ours will be house sitting as well as cat-sitting Maia as the thought of putting her into a cattery for the week breaks my little heart. However, knowing she’s home with company is more than reassuring and I’m sure she’ll hardly miss us.

(Ok, I know she will miss us, as when Ben is home late or out overnight she will run around the house poking her nose into every nook and cranny, searching for him. She’s not heartless.)

After Berlin, there’ll be a week where we just spend some time at home, enjoying some down time. Although, knowing me and my complete inability to stop I’ll most likely be working behind the scenes and getting everything prepped for the October reveal of the new blog look (if everything goes to plan).

So, what content can you be expecting this month?

Well, there’ll be some shoe posts as it’s been a while, as well as other rather generic lifestyle posts about whatever takes my fancy. Of course, I’ll also be blogging about my time in Berlin and the adventures we have whilst there, and may even write some posts about how to organise city breaks, etc.

It’s all go-go-go this month, isn’t it? As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked, and that’s my upcoming month and how I am preparing for Autumn.

Are you an Autumn or Winter person? How are you preparing for the change of seasons?

xx Bry Jaimea


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  • You’re life sounds effing amazing. I am glad you are taking care of yourself. And those boots….. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Thanks gorgeous 💖
      AND AREN’T THEY JUST! They’re all dif brands (Joe Browns, June, Dorothy Perkins) from 😉

      • Bry, I would love to make you a button for my blog for September for always being so lovely. I’m getting some pretty serious traffic nowadays, so if it’s ok with you, I’ll button you…I’ll button you real good.

        • Oh my, that would be so lovely! Traffic or no traffic, that is such a lovely thing, thank you!! You are just wonderful 😊

  • Those boots are amazing, I love them! The food intolerances sound difficult, but it’s great you’ve isolated them. Berlin will be fantastic, I’ve always wanted to go! Autumn is my favourite season, so I’m really excited it’s finally starting to show up. – Amy

  • I have no idea if my comment just posted, so apologies if I’ve said this twice!! But I think Berlin will be amazing, it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Autumn is my favourite season so I’m really glad it’s on it’s way. The food intolerances sound horrible, but it’s good you’ve isolated them now! X – Amy

    • haha it had posted! I can’t wait for the break, and I’ll be sure to share my experiences! The boots are from Debenhams by the way – Dune, Joe Browns (their winter stock is always amazing), and Dorothy Perkins xx

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