Hi, I’m Bry Jaimea

A Glasgow based blogger dedicated to bringing meaningful content around life, style and wellness.

I have been blogging (or journalling) for as long as I can remember. What started out as locked diaries, turned into online journals. This then evolved into webcomics (created in Word or MSPaint) which then further evolved into blogs, a format I have been dedicated to ever since.

In fact, my last blog focussing on food and recipes was retired only last year, after seven years!

Although I had dreamed that BryJaimea.com would be the next iteration of the aforementioned recipe blog, I found myself more interested in writing about lifestyle and wellness.

And shoes. Always shoes!

You will find new content here on BryJaimea.com twice a week: Mondays and Thursdays.

Working with Bloggers and Brands

I love working with my fellow bloggers and believe in supporting and encouraging all content creators. Please contact me here (or via social media) if you would like us to work together.

If you are a brand looking to work with me, please contact me here.