French Beauty: the secrets you need to know!

French Beauty: the secrets you need to know!

There should be a palpable pleasure in pampering your skin.”
― Mathilde Thomas, The French Beauty Solution: Time-Tested Secrets to Look and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

Hello lovelies! How has your week been treating you?

Have you noticed anything a little bit… different… about the blog today, or should I say the past week? That’s right – I have a new design! Hooray! It’s been a long time coming and I am thoroughly in love with all of it! My old design never really worked properly which was disappointing, but this design has come together nicely.

Honestly, it’s like buying a new pair of shoes and them fitting perfectly without any blisters ?

But, my usual tendency to digress aside, we’re here to talk beauty, not blogging.

It’s been over a year since I last went to Paris, and I must admit it pains me that it’s going to be at least another year until I’m there again. We all know I am a foodie, and the food I ate in Paris was some of the most delicately delicious I have ever tasted. Seriously, French bread is to die for, and there is no greater pleasure that I know of (when it comes to food) than slicing off a thick chunk of still warm, fragrant baguette and slathering it with salted butter.


Food aside (must stay focused on beauty!) if you’ve ever been to Paris then you’ll be familiar with its tree lined, spacious boulevards, a boulangerie on every block selling intricate pastries alongside fresh loaves, numerous cafes with their seats faced outwards (perfect for people watching), the aforementioned delicious food (I really love French food!), and not to be forgotten, the Parisian woman.

In fact, if you read glossy magazines or follow fashion in any way, shape or form, the effortless beauty of the Parisian woman will always be there somewhere, on display.

There is something completely magnetic about the Parisian woman, and French women in general. It’s an indescribable quality, something a little je nais se quois.

Always looking effortlessly chic and put together, they have inspired our fashion and beauty routines for decades, and in a world where we’re all looking out for the latest beauty trends, French beauty has never gone out of style.

See, beauty shouldn’t be about pain, but simplicity, and this is something French women know all too well.

Given my love of everything French, today I thought I would explore some French beauty tips and tricks, so we can recreate these stylishly elegant and effortless looks. Capturing the style of French women isn’t just about their clothing, it’s also about their beauty, the way they radiate glamour and that’s what we’re exploring today.

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French beauty secrets

Keep it uncomplicated

Whilst we all love a blow dry, or having our locks sleek and straight, the Parisian woman will always have tousled, “I woke up like this” hair. They embrace their natural texture and you’ll read many an anecdote by French women saying they avoid the hairbrush between washes, using only their fingers to untangle any knots.

And dry shampoo? A must for added volume and texture.


Get that glow

We all know how important healthy, glowing skin is, and this is essential to that effortless French glamour. French women believe in minimal makeup and will always have a healthy “glow”, and the easiest way to accomplish this is by having a skincare routine, maintaining a healthy diet, using SPF, and letting their skin do the talking (rather than foundation!).

When you have healthy skin, you don’t need much more than a light BB/CC cream or a finishing powder – the aim is to blur any imperfections, rather than creating a new veneer.


Practice minimalism

However, this natural finish to their skin is played in conjunction with a smoky eye and red lip – Parisian essentials! And although winged eyeliner screams French glamour, a smoky, smudgy (imperfection is key!) khol lined eye is just as much a staple.

Also, you’ll rarely see a French woman contour her face. Blush is the key in French beauty, again to enhance that natural glow and create that flushed, just-out-of-bed-with-my-lover look.


Make a statement

Every woman should have a signature scent, that one aroma that lets everyone know she has entered the room. The French woman will, like most things in life, find her scent and stick to it no matter the time of day, or the occasion.

After all, what’s more effortless than one less decision to make in the morning?


Who would have thought that the secrets to French beauty were so simple?

With beautiful, healthy skin, and minimal effort, capturing the essence and elegance of the women who strut down the streets of Paris is easy – after all, that’s what French beauty is all about!

xx Bry Jaimea

This post contains affiliate links: If you click on a product, I earn 0.04p (hey, it all adds up!)

This post contains affiliate links: If you click on a product, I earn 0.04p (hey, it all adds up!)
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