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Don’t Test The Patience of Strangers

Yesterday, I had a rather disappointing experience with a fellow Blogger, where I helped an aspiring blogger with some html. It was some basic code that literally takes less than five minutes to write and yet it took an hour.

Why did some simple html involving using an icon as a hyperlink take so long?


The blogger reached out to a community asking for help with an issue they were having, and I gladly offered to help. All I needed was for them to send me some easily accessed information directly, and I’d have the html ready to go for them within minutes. The following day, they contacted me directly, however the blogger was rude, ungrateful, and ignored my requests for information.

Now, I have no issue helping people, in fact I love helping people, I get paid to help people every day, and I offered to help this blogger for free, so what’s the big deal, right?

The thing is, when someone is helping you you can’t be unavailable, and you can’t be rude. If you initiate a situation where someone is helping you, you need to make sure you are helping them too – make sure you are on hand to answer questions, provide additional information, and revise anything that may be needed.


If a friend asked for help, I’d be ok with them taking their time getting back to me – they’re a friend. But a stranger? Someone from the internet? When dealing with or working with strangers you have to be patient and respectful. You have to respect their energy, their assistance, their time. Don’t be disrespectful, and don’t waste their time. It’s just so rude and infuriating!

What has made me even grumpier about the experince, is the lack of gratitude.

See, the blogger didn’t even say “thank you” at any point during contact  until I politely reminded them that I had just spent an hour of my time helping them, and that saying “thank you” would be nice. By this time I had talked them through several different processes, taught them a few tips and tricks regarding html, and written the html they needed for their blog, and everything was up and running neatly.

Even their opening message was evident of this rudeness and lack of gratitude. There was no “Hello! I appreciate your offer to help!” when they contacted me directly – their opening message to me was literally a wall of html which had zero of the information I needed to fix their issues, and was compeltely irrelevant.

That’s right: no “Hello” and no “Thank you” until prompted…

I know I’m probably overreacting, or being fussy, but us bloggers need to stick together and support each other. We’re a community and we need to be nice to each other – this isn’t highschool, this is our dream, goal, ambition and business. So it’s just so disappointing having these type of experiences as I know it’s not the majority, but the random few.


I mean, people don’t have to help strangers, but we do it anyway because it’s nice, because it’s a good thing to do. But when you start testing the patience of said strangers and taking their help for granted? Well, that’s just not on, and if you are too rude too often, you’ll end up finding no one is willing to help you.

I’m sorry for such a negative post, but I really felt the need to share this experience, and I hope this doesn’t happen to you – remember, just like a smile, pleases and thank yous are free, so let’s hope we all get them more often!


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  • [ Smiles ] I would speculate by saying, that the blogger did not trust you; since the information you requested from them was of a personal nature.

    Do not take the insult to heart; unfortunately, there are ungrateful people on the face of the planet.

    • Thing is though – nothing I asked for was personal! It was just the html to link an image to a external link!
      But thank you, yes, there are simply ungrateful people x

  • The Monday Project

    I completely agree with you – blogging as a community shouldn’t be an ungrateful one! Great post x

  • Mommyhood Moments

    Oh boo! That stinks that you had this kind of experience. People these days are loosing their sense of gratitude it seems like. I always try to be upbeat and positive. What if the person who is helping is having a rough time? They’re helping, so it’s only right to be nice… I just don’t understand. You are a better person than I.

    Keep up the awesome work! Hopefully this will not happen again!

    • Thank you lovely x I am sure the ungrateful types are few and far between x

  • Damn, Girl

    Yikes!!! Yea….I get some interesting emails…and requests lol. Nothing like this though! That’s just terrible! I always go overboard with the thank you’s because I figure one too many is better than one too few!

    • It was honestly the most disappointing experience!