Do I need a Niche? Down with Niches!

Do I need a Niche? Down with Niches!

Does my blog need a niche Pinterest via @BryJaimea #blog #blogging #blogger #niche #niches #faq #help #doineedaniche #howtofindaniche #tribe #bloggingtribe #bloggingnicheI hate to be stereotyped, but I am a typical Taurus. Beauty is essential in my life, as is comfort, and I will (and have) traveled the world to find the perfect pasture to graze.

The top traits of a Taurus are (according to google):

  • Persistent and Ambitious
  • Artistic
  • Tactile and Materialistic
  • Practical
  • Stubborn
  • Stable
  • Inflexible and Sensitive

Of those traits, only one of them doesn’t describe me and that’s purely because I make the conscious effort to be flexible and adaptable.

But what do star signs have to do with blogging?

Well, it’s all about our predilection to pigeonhole ourselves and our lives. We label ourselves left right and centre and define ourselves by our star signs, careers, interests and even hair colours!

And when it comes to our blogs we’re no different.

A few weeks ago over dinner and drinks with some fellow bloggers, the chat turned to business and the topic was raised (by myself) of what our blogs “niche” was. Of course, we all had different answers, only one of which was “I don’t really have a niche.”

Lifestyle, beauty, fashion, DIY, food, entertainment – there are dozens of niches for millions of blogs, and when we first start blogging we’re told how essential it is to find our “niche” and our “tribe”. Finding our niche and our tribe will boost our engagement! Will bring the followers! Will bring the PR opportunities!

And so we do. We choose a label and warp and curate our content so it fits within the confines of our chosen “niche”.

Now, I’ve been worried over the past few weeks about my blogs “niche” and the fact that some have started referring to me as a beauty blogger. This label isn’t something I want as I feel that the second I accept this label, all of a sudden I am limited by it.

I blog about shoes, fashion, life, wellness, mental health, and beauty, so the second I’m labelled as a “beauty blogger” is the second I start worrying about my content.

Does my blog need a niche Pinterest via @BryJaimea #blog #blogging #blogger #niche #niches #faq #help #doineedaniche #howtofindaniche #tribe #bloggingtribe #bloggingniche

So why does my blog need a niche?

See, the second you label something you define it. You create limits for it, meaning it can’t expand and grow. I’ve seen many blogs having to rebrand, including myself, because of the limitations of our niche, a niche reflected in all related branding and domains. When I chose to stop food blogging and change my niche, I lost a domain that was about 6 years old, which I don’t need to tell you sucks.

So why is there this insistence that us bloggers have a niche?

Why can’t we just write about the things that interest us and excite us?

The best example of what I like to think of as a “nicheless” blog, and the blogger I referenced above, is by Lis over at Last Year’s Girl. Lis blogs about fashion, beauty, dining, recipes, travel, pets, music, movies, wellness, mental health, and absolutely everything that means something to her.

Her blog has no niche and you know what? It’s one of the best damn blogs out there because she hasn’t allowed herself and her blog to be defined by a label.

Having a niche isn’t necessarily going to help our engagement, our stats, or people finding our blog. In fact, being nicheless will probably help our bounce rates, and keep our readers engaged as they find new and exciting things to read within our pages.

Although we like to define ourselves using labels, that doesn’t mean we have to define our blogs.

Write for your heart, create content that means something to you, and as long as you love what you do and are passionate about your content, well, who the hell needs a niche to limit you!

xx Bry Jaimea

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