Do you remember?

Do you remember?

Remember the last time you went for a walk, not just a casual stroll to enjoy the landscape, the trickling creeks and the rolling hills, but an actual walk with a destination in mind. Do you remember how suddenly, without realising it, the path you had taken was not the wrong path, but not your intended path?

You didn’t panic because you knew you’d still arrive at your destination, but you wondered how you managed to get where you were.

Did you take a wrong turn?

Was the path not signposted properly?

Does it even matter?

A month or so ago as my 35th birthday rushed towards me like a train that wasn’t stopping at my platform, instead speeding past me with a gush of warm air, I was contemplating my life, my destination, as we’re all wont to do as our birthdays approach.

Being such a considerable part of my life, my blog was of course a significant aspect of this introspection and I realised something quite unusual in regards to it:

This isn’t the blog I set out to create.

Although I enjoy writing about health, beauty, travel and blogging, these aren’t the topics I am most passionate about, aren’t the topics that I originally wanted to write about. Although I of course care about these things, I am more passionate about cooking, gardening, natural therapies, and DIY.

This blog was meant to be a true lifestyle blog and… it’s not.

Although my destination remains the same, the path I have taken is vastly different than the one I had planned and I can’t help but wonder – how did I get here?

Truth be told, it threw me when I realised just how different the scenery on this path was. I started to worry that the person I was projecting myself to be online was farfetched from my reality, started to believe myself a fraud.

Yes, I began to worry that this blog, the words I write, were naught but fantasies – was I living and projecting my fantasy life? Is this who I really am?

And so I took some time off, sat by the side of the path, and took a moment to decide what I wanted to do, what I wanted to write, who I wanted to be online. After a few weeks of contemplation though, I realised that although the topics I write about here aren’t those I am most passionate about in my day to day life, they’re still things I embrace every day.

I mean, have you seen my shoe collection?

Although this isn’t the blog I was planning to write, wanting to write, it is the blog that I am writing, which means it is just as much a part of me as my gardening, cooking, and generally frill-free life. This blog is my space to explore the topics I can’t really share with others in my life (Ben hardly cares for skincare afterall!), and so have inadvertently shared with you.

And so, despite taking a path that wasn’t quite the path of my intent, I still plan to journey along it and have taken back to my feet wearing a fabulously comfortable pair of stilettos obviously, to make discoveries as I wander, and see what this path has to offer as I strut my way towards my destination.

xx Bry Jaimea

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