We’re moving! My decor wishlist

We’re moving! My decor wishlist

Two years ago I moved into a one bedroom flat in Paisley, perfect for my needs, just outside of Glasgow and a ten minute walk from one of my best friends.I wasn’t too familiar with the area, or Glasgow at all to be fair, and although the town was rough around the edges, I loved my little space and place.

6 months later though at the end of my lease, my life in Glasgow wasn’t quite working out so I was preparing to move either to Edinburgh or back to London…

And then I met Ben.

We were planning to move around this time last year, into a gorgeous flat halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow, where I had some great ideas for the room planned. However, that fell through due to a dodgy real estate, so instead Ben moved in to my flat!

Now, although for one person our flat was quite spacious, for two people who both like to collect things (shoes and video games), suddenly this perfect little flat wasn’t quite right. The flat is also fully furnished meaning it wasn’t our decor, furniture, stuff, and it’s important to me to be surrounded by things that I love and that inspire me.

As the new year passed, we decided to move into a more spacious home and promptly found the perfect two bedroom flat closer to Glasgow and in a much nicer area. It even had a yard!

We move in two weeks (I can’t believe it’s so soon!), and although it’s still a two weeks away I already have plans for each and every room. We’ve already ordered our sofa (arriving in 5 weeks time), and although I haven’t yet started purchasing any other bits and bobs, I have strong themes in mind, and have already compiled my decor wishlist.

Ready to see what I’m planning?

Here we go!

My Decor Wishlist


Our bedroom is currently white, grey and duck egg with mauve accents, and silver hardware. We’ll be continuing with this theme in our new home to save money, however as the room is much larger and doesn’t contain built-in robes, we’ll be able to buy some nice furniture to fill the space.

We’re opting for a white, metal framed bed so we have additional storage beneath it, and also a white clothing rails, instead of a solid wardrobe, in order to create the allusion of space. I know a lot of people aren’t too fond of white furniture, but I like my bedrooms to be as light coloured as possible, a positive space for a healthy sleeping environment (I can’t sleep on black sheets).

I am a huge lover of textures, so our duvet, blankets, and cushions (so many cushions!) all have their own textures from flocked velvets, knits, shag, fur to brushed cotton. I’m a very tactile person.

Below you’ll find a few items I’m currently coveting for our bedroom and are perfect if you’re looking for a soft, neutral bedroom.


Spare Room / Office

The spare room is going to have three different uses: an office for me, a games room for Ben, and a guest bedroom.

The theme for this room is white, grey, pink and marble accents. Our white bookshelves have grey “marble” shelves (thanks to some handy sticky back plastic), which will be used for Ben’s DVD and Console game collections, as well as being home to our spare TV. There’ll be a grey sofa bed in the room perfect for when Ben wants to hide from the world with his video games, or when we have guests.

For me, I’ll be upgrading to a wider, white desk (my current desk is very narrow awith a horrid beech veneer), which will be next to a builtin bookshelf which will be home to my books, photography props, and makeup and beauty supplies.

Regarding decor there’ll be a lot of prints in the room, because it is doubling as an office and I do need motivation every now and then! There’ll also be a natural toned faux sheepskin rug I already have and that will need a new home, and plenty of pink cushions!

This room is going to have a strong, empowering vibe and will be the perfect blogging haven for me! And a comfy games room for Ben…


Living Room

Given the rooms above are quite soft rooms, we’re doing something a bit different in the living room. With a deep teal velvet corner sofa that is sure to make a statement, the rest of the room needs to compliment this bold choice.

Our entertainment unit, coffee and lamp tables, are all gloss black which although you may think make the room seem quite dark, actually reflect the light to brighten the atmoshphere. There will also be plenty of white, gold and yellow accents, utilising lots of geometric shapes to create the space and light.

There’ll be an oversized, white shaggy area rug for the room as well, and the cushions will be a combination of prints, rather than my beloved textures.

This room will take the longest time to complete due to the cost of things like mirrors and rugs, but with our dedicated vision for the room we’re sure it’ll be completed in no time.

It will also be our main room for entertaining, so there will also be plenty of lamps and mood lighting throughout the room, because sometimes a glass of wine is best served with mood.

Here’s some of our ideas for the room below, to help you see what we’re thinking:


That’s what we have planned so far, and I have shopping carts ready to be checked out closer to our move date. It’s very likely there’s going to be a few more moving posts over the next month, because would I truly be a blogger if I don’t share my passions with you all?

My thoughts exactly!

xx Bry Jaimea

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