Décor, design and other payday desirables!

Décor, design and other payday desirables!

Tomorrow is payday which means I am studying my expenses forecast spreadsheet intently, seeing what’s going out, what’s coming in, and exactly how much I can spend on shoes.

Yes, I’m one of those people who meticulously account for every penny in a spreadsheet! It’s a super handy way to know exactly what’s happening with my finances, and so I can track exactly how much I’m spending on non-essentials.

In fact, this month I’ve cancelled my subscriptions to a couple of beauty boxes (which I absolutely love) and have reduced my shoe budget because… Ben and I have just booked our flights to New York in November! And seriously, what’s more important? A beauty box or a fancy holiday?


That being said, if you’re interested in winning a Beauty Box all of your own, sign up to my newsletter to find out how next Tuesday ?

Anyway, one thing that isn’t being neglected in this month’s budget is some décor for around the flat.

As you all know, I moved in February, and although I would love to say we’re all settled into our new digs, there’s still a lot left to do! Although it’s a rental, I am planning to repaint all the walls (Magnolia as a paint colour should be illegal), and things like curtains and wall décor as still significantly lacking.

I love decorating things, and I have a very clear idea of how I want each room in the flat to look, but unfortunately neither time nor money grows on trees! And with a trip to London in June and a trip to New York to in November, decorating has been pushed further down the list than I’d have preferred.

But hey ho, it’s finally made it into the budget this month, and after spending hours at a time perusing websites and finding lots of beautiful things I want to buy, I think I’ve got it sorted!

Below you’ll find some of the décor I’m currently coveting, the small pieces that make up the finishing touches to any room to turn a house into a home, and create inspiring places, serene spaces, and cosy nooks!
Decor and design essentials- what to buy to bring your home together in a perfectly stylish way Pinterest via @BryJaimea bryjaimea.com #decor #design #style #interiors #decorating #millenialpink #vase #prints #art #wallart


Although I used to prefer landscapes, right now I’m more interested in script prints, covered in inspiring, or simply funny, quotes and phrases. They fit into office or creative spaces seamlessly, and despite different fonts they always seem to work together seamlessly to create stylish galleries. I think it’s the simplicity that has won me over to be honest, as these style of print always seem to create space rather than dominate it.

Right now I’m loving prints from Old English Company, who are actually running a competition right now to promote the launch of their new pin collection! Highly recommend checking that out.


If you don’t have a green thumb, or if you live in Scotland, artificial plants bring colour and a sense of energy to any room they’re in and it take very little time to care for, unlike they’re living breathing brethren. All you need to do is give them a good dusting once a week, and you’ll be rewarded with never ending colour! Now, I love natural, real, living breathing plants, but no matter how hard I try they never survive Scottish winters in my home! Poor wee things.

I have my eye on so many different sneaky succulents, faux flowers, and the sort from George.com, which will be able to bring life to my home, even in the dead of winter.


Well… vases in particular. Now, I think I am finally showing my age with this one! When I was in my twenties, the thought of looking for a standalone vase to adorn a bookshelf or bureau , would never have occurred to me. Now I know that vases and other pottery is a great way to use space, colour coordinate other pieces within the room, and generally just add a touch of sophistication to any space.

They don’t need to contain flowers, in fact, a handsome vase is enough of a statement in and of itself and is one of those statement pieces that is so often overlooked when decorating. If you’re looking for a unique vase on a budget, check out HM who always have a collection to drool over.

So what do you think of my shopping list? I’m not sure how many of these I’ll be adding to my shopping cart this month, however I am pretty sure you’ll be seeing some of those prints in my grams in the very near future!

xx Bry Jaimea

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