My Top 5 Cult French Beauty Finds

My Top 5 Cult French Beauty Finds

Bonjour mon cher! Did you know my love of all things French began when I was 12? I was in year 8 and we spent the year learning French language and culture. I was top of the class, scoring 100% in all my tests, and although  I almost continued to study the language further into my education because I was so in love with the language, I opted out at the last minute - a decision I regret to this day.

These days I know virtually no French, despite my friend Maarten’s attempts to teach me. Sorry!

However, you don’t need to be able to speak French to appreciate French culture, and it’s no secret that I have somehow fallen in love with all things French Beauty, especially when it comes to cult French Beauty products.

Until recently, I was deeply committed to my Korean inspired 7 Step Skin Care Routine, which to be honest, was a commitment that lasted longer than most of my relationships. However, a few months ago when I started researching French Beauty for this post, and was exploring what set the typical Parisienne apart when it came to their effortlessly chic style, I kept finding the same products being referred to again and again.

And so I bought them.

I was a bit hesitant at first, more so for simplifying my routine more so than anything else, but I’ve now been using these products for about a month and I am in love.  That’s why I am dedicating a whole post to these beautiful products!

We may not be able to jet across to Paris for a day or two, sipping wine as we watch people passing us by, but we can have skin that a Parisienne would approve of, and these are the products that will help you!

The other fabulous thing about the cult products is that they’re so affordable. Skincare shouldn’t be a luxury, and these cult products make sure that anyone can achieve skin that says you’re fresh from a trip to Paris.

Are you ready to change your skin and your life (because let’s be honest, healthy, supple, and gorgeous skin is a life changer and I won’t be told otherwise!)?

Let’s get into it:

My Top 5 Cult French Beauty Products - the French pharmacy skincare products to help promote youthful, anti aging skin, for a glowing and radiant look. Help reduce wrinkles and create healthy lovely skin with these cult french products via Pinterest @bryjaimea #skincare #skin #care #cosmetics #moisturiser #antiaging #youthful #antiwrinkle #retinol #retinoid #french #france #pharmacy

My Top 5 Cult French Beauty Products

A313 Pommade

Cult French Beauty Products

I’ve already spoken about A313 at length in this post, however thought it deserved a second mention. If you’re interested in a highly effective and affordable retinol product, this is the formula for you. A313 has made such a huge difference to my skin, and the changes are visible even after only a couple of days use.

Smaller pores, and what I like to call the Retinol Glow – this affordable product is definitely one that belong in My Beauty Bible (should I actually create a beauty bible page?). The only small problem with this products is that you do have to import it from France - but postage isn't too much, making it still a beauty bargain.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil

Cult French Beauty Products

This dry oil smells heavenly! Every time I use it either on my skin or my hair Ben comments on how nice I smell. Seriously, who needs perfume when you have this little gem? This is a dry oil, meaning its lightweight formula is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin to provide nourishment from the bevy of botanical oils (and Vitamin E!) it contains.

It can be used on your skin and in your hair, and I use it for both – I find it the perfect solution to tame my frizz and smooth fly-aways without my hair turning greasy. In fact I have replaced my most beloved hair oil with this golden gem!

Nuxe Crème Fraîche de Beauté 48HR Moisturising Cream

Cult French Beauty Products

Another NUXE product, this is hands down my favourite morning moisturiser. It’s a smooth formula, and like the Embryolisse below, a little goes a long way. When I use this moisturiser I find I don’t need to use a primer as it creates such a smooth, deeply moisturised surface.

It’s collection of ingredients ranging from eight plant milks, almond and orange flowers, aloe vera and allantoin, ensures smooth and calm skin as it also offers deep hydration. I have very sensitive skin and this moisturiser hasn’t caused any irritation or break outs, and it keeps my skin soft and subtle all day – even under makeup!

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Cult French Beauty Products

This is a cult classic to be found on every list of French Favourites. It’s an incredible thick cream and a little goes a long way, with a pea sized amount able to cover face, neck, and décolletage. It’s the perfect formula to be used as a night cream, or as a day cream if makeup isn’t a worry. I find it takes a fair while to absorb into the skin, but it does leave the skin incredible soft and supple.

The formula is incredibly gentle, and is designed to be multi purpose to both moisturise and repair the skin, with ingredients like shea butter, beeswax and aloe vera.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray

Cult French Beauty Products

Face Mists are only just becoming a thing, however the French have been using them for a while now. The perfect way to re-hydrate your face first thing in the morning, or during the day during particularly harsh weather. This facial mist, as most French facial mists, are from thermal spring waters.

This formula is designed to be an anti-oxidant, moisturising, hydrated, and soothing, with a combination of mineral salts and trace elements, and is incredibly refreshing and calming for your skin.

So what are your thoughts on these products? Do you think the sudden love for French beauty is just a trend, or do you think it’s here to stay?

xx Bry Jaimea

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