Cuddles Needed, Please!

Cuddles Needed, Please!

Somehow over the weekend I have caught a bug, and it is wearing me out. I am achey, fatigued, and feeling generally horrible, which means writing blog content is the last thought on my mind – yet here I am, persevering!

One of my goals for this year was making sure I blog more, and although this is a lifestyle blog, you can’t have lifestyle without life so I think it’s ok for me to post diary entries like this which are just about my life, and not much more.

I started feeling under the weather last week, before it properly kicked in on Sunday. Come Sunday I was so absolutely exhausted that I couldn’t even cook dinner, and despite Ben and I having gone out for Chinese the night before, we had to order in because I simply didn’t have the energy to make what I had been planning to make (which I can’t even recall now).

You know I am sick when I can’t gather the energy to even cook a simple meal!


I am the worst when I am sick too, I get incredibly grumpy and expect all the sympathy from everyone and anyone, and if I don’t get the right amount of sympathy I get even grumpier! I am definitely one of those types that when sick they curl up beneath blankets, with their fluffy socks, oversized jumper and cup of tea – for the past few days  have had Maia in my lap, keeping my company and putting up with my grumpiness!

Ben has been treating me well too, making sure I have all the tea I could ever want. I am getting a bevy of kisses and hearts via Whatsapp whilst he’s at work, and I am so grateful to him for looking after me, and promise that next time he has the Man Flu I will make sure he’s well cared for 😀

all cuddled up 2.png

Anyway, I must admit I am starting to feel better which is good, and I was planning to do some cooking today though have just discovered I am missing one of the core ingredients I need to make hummus or my favourite chili chicken soup.

Oh well, just one more thing to be grumpy about I guess!

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