Recharge your home with Crystals for all those Good Vibes!

Recharge your home with Crystals for all those Good Vibes!

Whether you’re attracted to crystals for their looks, or for their hard-working vibrational energies, you can’t deny that crystals have taken over our homes and our lives in the past year or two. From crystal infused skincare and cosmetics, to crystal infused water, they’re almost impossible to avoid! But then again, who would want to avoid such beauties?

I’ve spoken before about crystals and not only why they’re so popular, but why millions of people over thousands of years, swear by their healing energies and vibrations. But, whether it’s woo-woo or real science doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their presence in our homes and use them as focal points to channel our intent and aid in manifesting our goals.

Our homes are our sanctuaries and our havens, and it’s important that whenever we spend time in them we feel energised. It could be calming energy, creative energy, or simply the energy to get shit done, yet if our homes aren’t quite making that energy manifest then there’s a problem. After all, if we can’t feel at peace and comfortable in our own homes, where can we?

Sometimes the energy of our homes can get a little fuzzy and stop resonating quite how we’d like it. The bedroom is no longer a place of restful slumber, the office is no longer a place or mindful focus. These change in energies can happen quickly or slowly, over time, without us even realising it, yet that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way.

That’s where crystals come into the equation. Each type of crystal has a unique vibrational energy which is able to tune not only our own vibrations but that of the spaces around us. Having crystals around our home can help not only make the place look a little bit more fancy, but will also help create the right environment for our purposes – whether it’s sleeping, relaxing, or working out!

Keeping this in mind, I’ve done some research to share with you some crystals to place around your home to help recharge your environment and create a more positive, vibrationally heightened, space. And even if you don’t believe crystals can change and charge your home with their energy – There’s no harm in having something extra pretty on display!

Where to place crystals for good energy in your home - recharge and recapture positive vibrations around your home with these crystals! How to use crystals to create positive spaces in your bedroom, kitchen, office and home to help relieve stress, anxiety. Using crystals in your home for good vibrations and a positive happy home via Pinterest @bryjaimea #crystals #vibrations #goodenergy #home #decor #bathroom #bedroom #quartz #rosequartz #howto #woowoo #wellness #mindfulness #spirituality #witch #wicca

How to Recharge Your Home with Crystals


The bedroom isn’t only for romantic love, but divine love in general – think the love of yourself and others, compassion and empathy. Given we spend so much time in our bedrooms each evening, having stones such as Rose Quartz and Amethyst in this room will help realign our vibrations to be more open and understanding of all forms of love, understanding, and patience.

Living Room

A room designed for living should be infused with positive energy, and this can easily be accomplished with the aid of Selenite placed on the windowsill. In addition to the purifying properties of Selenite, Citrine can also reduce and remove negative energies from a space as well as attractive positive abundance to your life.

Kitchen & Dining Room

If you’re starting to feel uninspired in the kitchen, Carnelian will help not only boost your confidence but also your creativity and motivation. Also, by keeping some Aquamarine by your dining table, you’ll be assured calm and enjoyable conversation throughout dinner.


To help clear your mind when working from home, Flourite is the perfect crystal for helping you clear your thoughts and untangle any confusion or mindfog. Due to its dual colours, it’s also beneficial in creating a synergistic environment! Add some Tigers Eye to the mix, and you’llhave an environment tailor made for clear, concise and focused thinking.

On a final note, it’s incredibly important to clean your crystals every now and then, not only from dust, but from any bad juju they may have attracted along the way. This is as easy as washing them exposing them to unfiltered sunlight or moonlight, because we’re not the only ones who need a little light in our lives!

What do you think about crystals and their ability to recharge and rejuvenate your home? Woo-woo, wow, or worth a try?

xx Bry Jaimea


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