Creature Comforts: The things I can’t live without

Creature Comforts: The things I can’t live without

A few of the blogs I follow have been doing these lists lately, so I thought I’d share my own lil’ list of loves.

We all have them though, those things that we simply can’t be without, and if we’re without them all metaphorical hell breaks loose, and then some.

Have you ever seen me without a cup of green tea in the morning? I highly doubt it, as even on my morning commute I’ve got my cute little travel mug in hand, full of my crack tea.

If I’m without any of the things below, I know straight up it’s going to be a bad day and by the end of it, I’ll probably be curled up into a ball on the sofa with a pout so pronounced it’s hosting its own enunciation classes.

Seriously though. we’re all creatures of habit and there is nothing wrong with that, or enjoying our creature comforts.  So here we go, here are my creature comforts, or more essentially – the things I just can’t be without!

Green Tea

I am not awake until I’ve had my green tea, and I like my tea strong. I use two tea bags and I leave them in there until the very last drop has been consumed, meaning the less tea in my mug, the stronger it is. Even when travelling, the first thing I buy is a pack of green tea bags, because life isn’t worth living without that one-two punch of incredible bitterness every morning.


I know this may come as a surprise to you, but I tend to be a bit of a fan of shoes. Ok, who am I kidding, y’all know how much I love my shoes, and when I left Australia I had two full boxes of them shipped over because mama wasn’t going to let her babies go that easily.

I have shoes for every occasion and am always finding new excuses reasons for further purchases to join the ever growing Tower of Heel in my bedroom: I even have shoes for cooking in (because barefoot standing on tiles for extended periods of time is just uncomfortable.)


Maia is the most beautiful, loving, moody cat in the world and I love her so freaking much that even when I have to leave her for a night I’m in a panic, missing her like crazy. Being away from her for four nights when I was in Paris involved a lot of tears, especially when we dropped her off at the cattery (never again!!!)

Maia knows when I am sick, in pain, or simply upset for whatever reason and makes sure she’s curled up as close as possible, making sure I’m feeling better. In fact, my little girl is so thoughtful, (and strangely adept at time management for a cat…) that if I’m up past 11pm, she starts mewing at me, instructing me to go to bed (I kid you not), where she will then wait by the door for five minutes (which is how long it takes me to get comfy, apparently), before jumping up on the bed, and settling in beside me.


Like all relationships, Ben and I have had our ups and downs and our differences, but the way we manage these is what makes us strong, and make this relationship an incredibly valuable thing. Since meeting Ben, my life has improved considerably, and planning for the future has never been so exciting.

Also, I get scared at night when I’m home alone (I’m 5’2 you guys, I get scared easily) and having a man who’s 6’1 and looks like a viking hanging about helps a bit ?

Skin Care

I really don’t have to go much further into this, do I? A day without serums, essences, moisturisers and some form of healthy, skin-rejuvenating acid (or oil) making its way onto my face, is a day not lived, my friends.

Self Care

Whether it’s a long shower, a pedicure, or meditation prior to falling asleep, I ensure I dedicate a moment every day for self care and I couldn’t live without these moments, unless I wanted to turn into a small ball of anxiety – no thank you!

Self Care is incredibly important, and if you’re like me and prone to anxiety then it’s an essential way to take that moment for yourself, to breathe, and reduce any negative external factors that could be causing adverse emotional reactions.


This is a relatively new addition to my lists of things I can’t live without, but I honestly don’t know how I survived without it. As someone who loves to binge watch TV (I’m currently re-watching Cougar Town for the nth time) Netflix is everything I need in life, to keep me happy and habitual (that’s not a bad thing, is it?)

Rainy days

Obviously, I live without these every now and then, but I love love love rainy days! And when it starts snowing? Even better! Whenever Ben and I discuss relocating anywhere else (including back to Sydney) the debate will always come down to whether or not there’s enough rain or snow.

Gimme grey clouds, and the pitter-patter of rain drops upon the window pain, watching Netflix with Ben, Maia curled up in my lap, and a giant cup of green tea and I’m the happiest girl in the world.

What are your creature comforts, and the things can’t you live without? Let me know in the comments!

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