It’s Time for a Clear Out!

It’s Time for a Clear Out!

If you’re new to my blog, then you may not know just how much I am in love with shoes - to be specific, heels. Shoes are a wonderfully easy way to turn any outfit from drab to drama and let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment we all love a lil’ drama whether it’s on our TV’s or on our feet. Personally, I’ve been collecting shoes for many years and after I relocated from Australia to the UK I shipped them all over to be with me.

When I lived in London I enjoyed strutting around its streets throughout the spring and summer months in my most stylish heels at any given chance and moment. The areas I lived always had smooth and even streets, and so I was able to essentially wear whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted (within reason, obviously, on the rare rainy day).

However, when I moved to Glasgow many of these heels become obsolete. Glasgow is a city built upon hills, with pavements that teeter and totter, and a constant threat of dreich weather and a constant threat of rain. This meant that the stilletto heels of London and the strappy heels of Australia simply were no longer a logical choice, and the only drama involving those heels was the threat of a twisted ankle or two.

I’ve now been in Glasgow for three years and over those three years I have watched a large group of my heels fall into the dreaded forgotten pile. Well, it’s not that they’re forgotten, simply that they’re impractical. And worse? Whenever I look at these unwearable shoes I feel a pang of regret, remorse, and resentment.

And that’s why I’ve decided to say goodbye to these heels and donate them to charity.

See, it’s all good and fine to collect heels and enjoy the drama they bring to our lives, however, sometimes  if they’re not being used, if they’re just gathering dust and taking up space, it’s really quite pointless keeping them around. But that’s the same for most things isn’t it?

If you have something in your life, whether it’s shoes, clothing, handbags, decor and decorations, or even relationships, that are gathering dust and taking up more room in your life than they should be, it’s time to let go.

When our homes and lives are full of things and people that no longer have a place in our lives, it can and does cause regrets and resentment to bubble beneath the surface: the regret of lifestyle changes, or time wasted, and money spent, resentment of people and places and the negative impact all of these things have had on our lives.

Saying goodbye to anything can be a difficult task, but at the same time, letting go of things creates further space for you to grow, and change, and maybe even try something new. And you can't hold onto the past, onto your past self for that matter, and expect to be able to grow as a person and experience new and exciting opportunities.

Sometimes you need to get rid of the crap in your life in order to move forward with a happier, healthier, lifestyle.

After all, you can’t take the next fabulously-heeled step forward in your life, if you’re looking back at the shoes you’ve left behind.

Are you ready to let go of the past and put your best foot forward into the new year?

xx Bry Jaimea

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