Surviving Christmas without “Festive Fear”

Surviving Christmas without “Festive Fear”

With Christmas now upon us, to be swiftly followed by Hogmanay and the New Year, it’s inevitable that we’re all eating a little too much, drinking a little too much, but wearing glamourous dresses and outfits whilst we do so, obvs. It’s this time of the year where we constantly justify to ourselves any form of indulgence and indulgent behaviour with a quick “Well, it is Christmas!” only to then be beguiled by regret come the New Year.

Now, as a person who regularly deals with Anxiety, regrets are a very real thing in my life. And although there’s little in life I do actually regret (rather than my anxiety making me think I do), over-indulging with food, alcohol, and money does cause a significant amount of Festive Fear, i.e. regret and remorse, and the fear that you've over ate, over spent, and overexerted yourself.

That’s why this year I am sharing with you my Christmas Survival Guide in order to help you prevent that dreaded Festive Fear, and come out of the holiday season feeling happier, healthier, and much more in tune with your ambitions and goals for the incoming new year.

Are you ready to survive the Festive Fear?

Christmas Survival Guide – three easy ways to survive Christmas financially and physically without regret, remorse or anxiety. How to have a mindful Christmas and not give in to over indulging in food, over spending and stress this festive season at parties and events via Pinterest @bryjaimea #christmas #festive #xmas #festiveseason #party #events #tips/tricks #mindfulness #mindful #stressfree #peaceful #quiet #frugal #advice #lifehack #hacks #budgeting #budget #detox

Surviving Christmas without "Festive Fear"

Temper Wine with Water

Ok, not literally because the resultant wine would taste terrible. However, alternating between one glass of water to every alcoholic unit can help prevent dehydration and other damage that alcohol can cause to our bodies and our minds, and also helps us prevent getting too inebriated

During parties and events it can be quite difficult to get that glass of water though due to peer pressure, which is still very real no matter how old we are. That’s why I tend to skip wine and champagne at events and stick with clear spirits – if you order a sparkling water in a short glass (rather than a taller tumbler style glass), no one will know the difference, and you can sip away all night whilst staying healthy, hydrated, and sober(ish).

It’s also important to remember to temper our eating habits – for every rich Christmas feast or festive nibble, if your next meal is a healthier option it’ll help keep the weight off over the course of the month.

Be a Budget Babe

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the new year with nary a penny to spend because you completely blew your budget on food, drinks, party dresses and presents over Christmas. At this time of the year when we’re encouraged to spend! Spend! Spend! It’s even more important than ever to practice financial awareness, and be on budget.

By using a spreadsheet to track your incoming and outgoing expenses, you can see exactly what is going where (and on whom) and therefore you’ll be able to cut back where necessary, if necessary. Having financial transparency with yourself and tracking all your expenses – even for that Christmas market German sausage (which are terrible this year at the Glasgow, George Square markets - are they any better at St Enochs? Can anyone let me know, please?)  – will help you keep on track and in control over the festive season.

And again, this can be applied to party food – count those calories to be sure you’re not going unintentionally overboard!

Mindfulness Matters

Whether you are partying or present buying, or simply spending time with family, mindfulness matters! Ensure you are fully appreciating and enjoying each moment and remember, also, to take time to yourself to recuperate and recover. It’s incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed during the festive season, so by practicing mindfulness throughout the next few weeks, you’ll be less likely to feel fatigued (financially or physically) when it’s all over.

No matter how busy you are over the Christmas season, these tips will help you pull through on the other side without pulling your hair out, and will help you actively reduce anxiety, remorse and regret. Just remember – temperance, awareness, and mindfulness matter!

What are your tips on surviving the festive season regret free?

xx Bry Jaimea

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