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35 Ways to Beat Summer Heat

By the time I finished writing these ideas, I kid you not, I had semantic satiation of the word “cool”. That just goes to show just how great these ideas and life hacks are for uh, cooling you down. Growing up in Sydney, I’ve experienced my fair share of hot summers, and learned from a …

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One Quick Trick to Prevent Chaffing

Summer has struck Glasgow, so it’s time for the dresses to come out of hibernation, the tights to be packed away, and my opalescent legs to reflect the sunlight, blinding passer-by’s with the glare. However, as wonderful as that sounds it also means the one summer curse we don’t like talking about: Chaffing. Any person …

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How to beat that New Year Hangover!

It’s New Year’s Eve, or if you’re in Scotland – Hogmanay – which of course means a late night and far too much bubbly (or whisky)! I love my sleep, adore my sleep, but I also like wine and a late night with friends dancing (or chatting) the night away. However, I absolutely loathe hangovers …

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Welcome to Autumn

I love Autumn and all it entails – snuggles, sweaters, socks and comfort food. I have always been a fan of the colder, darker months of the years and it was one of the great motivators for relocating to Scotland. After a lifetime in Australia, I am used to a slow descent into Autumn which …

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